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Telco app development

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Telco Applications are category of applications that are integrated directly with APP CORE, a secure environment within the mobile telecommunication Operator’s Core Network, which provides services to the subscriber that only the telecommunication Operator can provide.

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Telco app development

  1. 1. TELCO Application Development P.D.MANUSHA DILAN ICT4252 IT6051
  2. 2. Outline o What is a Telco Applicaion o TELCO app patterns o Why TELCO app o TELCO Assets o Powers of TELCO o How TELCO application works o USSD in TELCO o What does location API do in TELCO o Mobile payment with TELCO o Develop a TELCO app and test with simulator o My TELCO project
  3. 3. What is a TELCO Application ? Telco Applications are category of applications that are integrated directly with APP CORE, a secure environment within the mobile telecommunication Operator’s Core Network, which provides services to the subscriber that only the telecommunication Operator can provide.
  4. 4. TELCO apps Securefor the operator’s network. Scalableto all subscribers and their devices. Personalizedthe operator’s name, logo and colors. Opento the functionalities required by the operator.
  5. 5. TELCO app patterns 1. VOTE applications with the ability to obtain opinions of subscribed users through an online poll, to vote for a candidate. o Voting in your favorite reality show o Vote to choose chairperson of an association or a club
  6. 6. 2. CRM allows an enterprise to create an app where users can use an USSD menu to make a request to be called back from web browser to a mobile. o Online tax advisory o Online patient consulting
  7. 7. o Weather Alerts o News Alerts 3. Alert allows sending ad hoc reminders, notifications, warnings or even entertainment information or educational facts at any time to subscribed users.
  8. 8. 4. Click to Call allows users to create a button that enables application to initiate a browser to mobile call preserving the anonymity of both. o Online advertisement platform o Complaints on Customer Care
  9. 9. o Weekly promotion details for customers o Daily prayer times 4. Scheduled Messages Allows sending messages at scheduled times such as hourly, daily, weekly or even monthly basis to subscribers
  10. 10. 6. Chat allows creating chat applications to continuously chat with one or more people simultaneously o Team communication chat app o Shuttle services
  11. 11. 7. Contact allows sending request messages, expressing their opinion, replying, sending suggestions and feedback to the subscribers o Song Requests in a Request show o Feedback on products
  12. 12. Why TELCO APP ?
  13. 13. Global Mobile Users North America 2014: 294 M 2019: 320 M CAGR 1.7% Western Europe 2014: 367 M 2019: 383 M CAGR 0.8% Latin America 2014: 427 M 2019: 497 M CAGR 3.1% Middle East/ Africa 2014: 561 M 2019: 799 M CAGR 7.3% Central/Eastern Europe 2014: 382 M 2019: 407 M CAGR 1.3% Asia Pacific 2014: 2,228 M 2019: 2,844 M CAGR 5.0% Source: Cisco VNI Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast, 2014–2019
  14. 14. mobile subscribers not addressed by mobile handset manufactures 83% 1.5 million Mobile app users 17% All the share of mobile App market mobile subscribers not addressed by mobile handset manufactures 1.5 million App users Source :Telco in its App Market Space [Infographic] | hSenid Mobile
  15. 15. HUGE UNTAPPED POTENTIAL FOR TELCOS IN APP ECONAMY Location based promotions Traffic updates Taxi booking Automated supply chain management Medical consultation Automated irrigation system Travel tips M-shopping
  16. 16. TELCO Assets Mobile Account for charging SMS for messaging USSD for quick access Location for locate places & people
  17. 17. Powers of TELCO Loyal Subscriber Base Telco have a large number of mobile subscriptions that can be reached Localization Telco Applications can be used to address local market needs effectively Network assets Telco Network assets such as Messaging, Location, Mobile a/c can be used to build applications Wide Accessibility Telco Applications can be accessed by any mobile device without internet connection
  18. 18. Problems Solved by TELCO Can save 1/10 of the cost compared to building a mobile app Ability to localize better with the local Telco Very easy and quick start-up to build Telco Applications TELCO APP
  19. 19. How TELCO applicaion works ? Small Business Owner Mobile Account Location SMS USSD Dial #141# for register Send SMS for 141 for feedback Use subscriber location for promotions Charge using mobile account
  20. 20. USSD in TELCO Unstructured Supplementary Service Data o Can access by any device o Real-time, menu driven and interactive o Not stored in mobile devices
  21. 21. USSD in action Register to receive promotion alerts Navigate through menu View ongoing promos Send feedback View outlets and addresses MYSHOP 1.Register 2.Menu 3.Promotions 4.Feedback 5.Outlets
  22. 22. What does Location API do in TELCO Tracks down a person or a place o Finds the customers who are using the application nearby and send SMSs o Users can send a request and find out directions o Send effective SMS alerts to customers based on their location USER
  23. 23. Benefits of Telco location API o No data package needed o No internet needed o Saves 99% battery power o Support any GSM mobile phone
  24. 24. Business use cases of Location API Find nearby taxis Tracking sales guys Finding apartments, hotels and shops Tourist guide for sightseeing Friend finder Tracking nearest fuel stations Find nearby restaurants Business Scenarios
  25. 25. Mobile payment with TELCO check customers’ available balance and charge from their mobile account o Targets a wider market ( Unbanked people, children, teenagers ) o Increase Security o Easy to check Balance
  26. 26. Business use cases of mobile Charging Bill payments Enable NFC payment M-shopping Online games payments Booking Tickets Paying for transport Business Scenarios
  27. 27. Develop a TELCO app and Test with Simulator Development o API Guides o Sample Applications o Support multi languages Simulator APP Testing o Simulator Guides SMS USSD Location Subscription Charging TELCO Application platform
  28. 28. MY TELCO Project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IPV69Hurqw&feature=em-upload_owner
  29. 29. References https://www.hsenidmobile.com/webinars/
  30. 30. THANKS! Any questions? You can find me at ✘ linkedin.com/in/manushadilan ✘ manushadilan@gmail.com