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The Vanity of the Rat

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The Vanity of the Rat

  1. 1. Your offer is indeed kind, Mr. Rat. I feel that it is only fair to tell you, Im not the most powerful person of your aquaitance. I would like to recommend Mr. Cloud, who can cover up my face and keep me from shining
  2. 2. You seem not to know that there is one who is more worthy of your honor than I. Though I sometimes get the better of Mr. Sun, I am still a mere servant of Wind. His blast and growl make me go anywhere he pleases, whether I want or not.
  3. 3. Im indeed powerful enough, for forests tremble and ships toss in fear of me. But there is one more powerful than I. It is Mr. Wall. He sets his strong legs upon the earth and stand immovable in my way, arms folded, eyes blinking. But for him, how I could meddle in the lives of families!
  4. 4. It is quite true that I, without any sign of outward exertion, can check the Progress of the wind, which command the cloud, which overpowers the sun. But what am I to you, O Mr. Rat. Your prosperous race can undermine me And make me fall in the twinkling of an eye, if need be. Oh Mr. Rat, I am at your mercy
  5. 5. Analysis Characteristics  They are fiction in the sense that they did not really happen  They are meant to entertain  They are poetic, with double or allegorical significance  They are moral tales, usually with animal characters  Fables are short, and they usually have no more than two or three characters
  6. 6. Analysis
  7. 7. Analysis MR. RAT MR. SUN MR. CLOUD MR. WIND MR. WALL
  8. 8. Analysis Mr and Mrs Rat wanted their daughter Rena to marry into a respectable family. Her parents offered her hands to different man but they refuses because there’s still more powerful than to each other. Until they falls to a rat too that’s Roger Rat, who seems to like Rena so much. And he accepted it immediately.
  9. 9. Analysis When we are looking for something, we should look first behind us. Our goals should be realistic rather than idealistic.
  10. 10. Literary Shop Any form of literature which makes fun of certain person’s behavior by trying to make the reader see the defect or inappropriateness of such behavior. Ex.“My father goes to court” “We Filipinos are mild Drinkers” It aims to correct human defects by making fun of them.
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