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LinkedIn for Sales Success, Top Tips and Tricks for 2017 and 2018

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LinkedIn pushed out a lot of changes in 2017, which opened the door for a lot of new options for you to make profitable connections. In this presentation I cover over 20 tips, from how to write a compelling profile, to posting and publishing tips.

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LinkedIn for Sales Success, Top Tips and Tricks for 2017 and 2018

  1. 1. Mana Ionescu Lightspan Digital mana@lightspandigital.com LINKEDIN FOR SALES SUCCESS
  2. 2. 467MM users worldwide, with 107MM active users in 2017 40% use LinkedIn Daily New Horizons COO Tynan Fischer, said since using LinkedIn they’ve experienced, “more pipeline than we’ve ever seen before.” LINKEDIN IS A BIG PLAYER 2 Mana Ionescul mana@lightspandigital.com @manamica
  3. 3. Hottest skill on LinkedIn in 2014 that got people hired: Statistical Analysis and Data Mining YOU’LL LOVE THIS 3 Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/linkedin-numbers-2017-statistics-meenakshi-chaudhary/ Mana Ionescul mana@lightspandigital.com @manamica
  4. 4. BUILD YOUR ETHOS ● Who do you want to reach? ● Who is your ideal audience? ● What do you want them to learn or do? ● How do you want them to feel? FIRST, KNOW WHO YOU ARE 4
  6. 6. • Your most important accomplishments, the value you’ve created? • Values and passions • Superpowers • Facts, figures • Differentiators • Testimonials WHAT TO INCLUDE 6
  7. 7. BUT……. 7
  8. 8. 8 Name email address Twitter
  9. 9. ADD MEDIA 9
  10. 10. GET PREMIUM 10 Mana Ionescu mana@lightspandigital.com @manamica
  11. 11. OUR WORK: CALVETTI MEATS 11 Prime meats purveyor to airlines and entertainment industry GOALS •Increase leads volume CONTENT MARKETING FOCUS •Establish thought-leadership via LinkedIn publishing, using LinkedIn Publisher •Network with leads through advanced LinkedIn searches •Attract profile views from leads and decision makers RESULTS (directly digital marketing related, over one year) •326% increase in website traffic from LinkedIn after starting to use the LinkedIn Publisher vs. prior to applying this strategy •Via direct LinkedIn outreach we built relationships with decision-makers from 10 major targets •2 major airlines reached out independently to our client, based on what they saw via content marketing LinkedIn work. The client was successful in closing a catering deal with one of the airlines. Mana Ionescul mana@lightspandigital.com @manamica
  12. 12. START PUBLISHING USING THESE RULES 12 1) Make your titles between 40 and 49 characters long 2) Make your posts on LinkedIn visual! Add 8 images. 3) Don’t add videos or other multimedia assets to your posts 4) Use "How-to" and List-Style Headlines 5) Avoid “Question” headlines An analysis of 3,000 LinkedIn blog posts by OkDork https://okdork.com/linkedin-publishing-success/ Mana Ionescul mana@lightspandigital.com @manamica
  13. 13. START PUBLISHING USING THESE RULES 13 6) Divide your post into 5 headings in order to attract the greatest number of post views. 7) People like to read long-form content on LinkedIn—1,900 to 2,000 words long 8) Don’t get your audience all fired up 9) Make your content readable for an 11-year-old 10) Promote your LinkedIn publisher post on other social networks! 11) Publish your LinkedIn posts on Thursday Mana Ionescul mana@lightspandigital.com @manamica
  14. 14. POSTING FOR RESULTS 14 Post short text and an image. On LinkedIn, research shows that including a photo increases views 11x. If your post reaches a higher-than-average number of people, you can lengthen the post and add a link. LinkedIn wants to keep traffic within LinkedIn so the algorithm will give preference to posts without links. Mana Ionescul mana@lightspandigital.com @manamica
  15. 15. POSTING FOR RESULTS 15 Post a regular sized post and an image, and post the link to your article in the comments. Mana Ionescul mana@lightspandigital.com @manamica
  16. 16. POSTING FOR RESULTS 16 Publish your blog posts on LinkedIn publisher, and then link to those articles instead of your website. Again, the idea is that LinkedIn will favor these posts, to keep the traffic within LinkedIn. Mana Ionescul mana@lightspandigital.com @manamica
  17. 17. POSTING FOR RESULTS 17 Create and join help pods. Some call these promotional pods. Get together with other content marketers and share posts with each other in a messenger stream, and encourage each other to like, comment and reshare each others’ posts. The engagement will boost your numbers and the LinkedIn algorithm will push your post further up in the Pulse stream. Mana Ionescul mana@lightspandigital.com @manamica
  18. 18. ADD A PERSONAL TOUCH 18 “I used to share articles that I found intriguing. I realized that the engagement levels increased by 20 fold if I added a few lines with my thoughts on a certain article. It helps fellow users understand me on a different level.” Cherilyn Tan, CEO of Asia Law Network Mana Ionescul mana@lightspandigital.com @manamica
  19. 19. GIVE PROPS 19 When you get that email saying “so and so is in the news,” go and post a congratulations message. Mana Ionescul mana@lightspandigital.com @manamica
  20. 20. YES, LIVE VIDEO IS HERE 20 AND SO ARE FILTERS Mana Ionescul mana@lightspandigital.com @manamica
  21. 21. CREATE A VIRAL CHALLENGE 21 ✓ So, I have been POSTING EVERY DAY (30 day video challenge) about: -->“Creating opportunities to develop YOURSELF and your TEAM through everyday workplace experiences”! -->I challenge @xyz to do so and challenge another business friend Mana Ionescul mana@lightspandigital.com @manamica
  22. 22. SET A SCHEDULE 22
  24. 24. IT WORKS 24
  25. 25. DON’T MISS ANOTHER CONNECTION: GET ADD-ONS 25 Mana Ionescul mana@lightspandigital.com @manamica
  26. 26. STAY TOP OF MIND 26
  27. 27. USE THE APPS 27 LinkedIn has a total of 9 official apps. You read that right. NINE apps. 6 of them are free to all, and 3 are Premium apps. For sales prospecting, three apps will be the most useful to you: •LinkedIn Sales Navigator •LinkedIn Pulse •LinkedIn Groups
  28. 28. GET FRIENDLY WITH GROUPS 28 Have you maxed out your groups?
  29. 29. MAKE FRIENDS WITH GROUP MODERATORS 29 Mana Ionescul mana@lightspandigital.com @manamica
  30. 30. KEEP ENGAGING 30
  32. 32. mana@lightspandigital.com @manamica QUESTIONS 32