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Product Wizard for finding Hydraulic Connectors/Adapters

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Trouble finding adapters for your hydraulic system? Perhaps our easy to use product wizard can guide you through your search to find the right connector/adapter to help you maintain your complete hydraulic system

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Product Wizard for finding Hydraulic Connectors/Adapters

  1. 1. Product Wizard – Hydraulic Connectors • What is a Product Wizard? A product wizard is an information filtering system that will help you find a hydraulic fluid connector faster than a general search by asking specific product questions to narrow the results using easy to follow steps. • Why a Hydraulic Fluid Connector Product Wizard? For ease of replacement and to keep running costs to the minimum, a standardisation system is used for the connections. The most common method, in general, is to provide in each component a female-threaded port, on each hose or tube a female-threaded captive nut, and use a separate adapter fitting with matching male threads to connect the two. We provide a comprehensive range of connectors and adapters for a variety of applications and the wizard will guide you through to find the right part. Presented by www.malpasonline.co.uk
  2. 2. Product Wizard – Hydraulic Connectors Step 1 - Select ‘Hose to Hose’ or ‘Port to Hose’ Connector The first step in identifying your connector suitable for your application is to select either ‘hose to hose’ or ‘port to hose’ connectors.
  3. 3. Product Wizard – Hydraulic Connectors Step 2 - Select Adapter Fitting The second step in finding a suitable hydraulic connector is to locate the correct adapter fitting. We supply popular connections such as BSP (British Standard Pipe), JIC (Joint Industrial Council), Metric, ORFS (O’Ring Face Seal) and NPT (National Pipe Thread).
  4. 4. Product Wizard – Hydraulic Connectors Step 3 - Select Adapter Connector Ends Next you are presented with the available connections for your selected adapter hose fitting. To view a list of compatible hydraulic fluid connectors, click on the appropriate end for your hydraulic requirements. Sometimes the results will only show one option to be selected.
  5. 5. Product Wizard – Hydraulic Connectors Step 4 - Select Adapter We now have the required data to search through our database and display a list of hydraulic fluid connectors that can be used with your application. The description shows the part number of the adapter and, where available, a longer description. Also there is a quick link to take you directly to the part in our online shop where you can check stock availability and also purchase the item.
  6. 6. Product Wizard – Hydraulic Connectors • What Other Product Wizards Do We Have? As part of our on-going commitment to help you find what you need fast we have developed Product Wizards for Hydraulic Top Links, Engine Overhaul Kits , Manual Top Links, and PTO Shafts. We will be constantly adding to these to help you make the right choice fast and with confidence at www.malpasonline.co.uk • Where Can I Find A Product Wizard? Hydraulic Connectors - http://www.malpasonline.co.uk/Product-Guide/Hydraulic-Fliud- Connectors/ Engine Kits - http://www.malpasonline.co.uk/Product-Guide/Engine-Kit/ PTO Shafts - http://www.malpasonline.co.uk/Product-Guide/PTO-Shaft Hydraulic Top Links - http://www.malpasonline.co.uk/Product-Guide/Hydraulic-Top-Links Manual Top Links - http://www.malpasonline.co.uk/Product-Guide/Top-Links