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Dell Corporation Strategy in Emerging Markets

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Dell Corporation Strategy in Emerging Markets

  1. 1. Presented bySantosh Nehariya 35Piyush Maheshwari 30Pankaj Jain 22Dilip Pandey 38
  2. 2.  Founded in 1984 by Michael Dell Headquarter in Round Rock, Texas Most preferred computer system company Employs more than 2 lac people in 85 countries
  3. 3. Based on simple concept: Best understand consumer needs and efficiently provide the most effective computing solution to meet those needs by selling computer system directly to consumers
  4. 4.  Large Enterprise Public -Government -Educational Institutions -Healthcare & Life Sciences Small and Medium Business
  5. 5. q. What is Dell’s strategy? Business Strategy Marketing Strategy Manufacturing Strategy
  6. 6.  A direct relationship is the most efficient path to the customer Customers can purchase custom-built products and custom-tailored services. Dell is a low-cost leader.
  7. 7.  Dell provides a single point of accountability for its customers.
  8. 8.  Product- Enterprise (Storage, Servers)- Services ( Transactional, Outsourcing) Price Place of Production Promotion
  9. 9.  Just in Time Build to Order Mass Customization Strategy
  10. 10. Q. hoW Do Dell’s control systems help execute the firm’s strategy ? ROIC Average Selling Price Component Purchasing Cost
  11. 11.  Selling and Administration Cost Account Receivable Day Account Payable Days
  12. 12.  Cost savings through lower investment in inventory. Improved product cycle time. Elimination of excess and obsolete materials. High degree of flexibility and fast response to changes in the marketplace.