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Indian movie parched in gender segregation context, feminism, women role,

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  1. 1. PARCHED Presented By: Bibi Maryam
  2. 2. Introduction  This movie is written by Leena Yadav and its her first international feature film.  Parched is the story of four women in a desert village of Rajasthan, India.  The society are plagued by several social evils, age-old traditions and practices of patriarchy,  Child marriage, dowry, marital rapes and physical and mental abuse.
  3. 3. Characters 1. Rani • Rani is a widow struggling to support her old mother-in-law and teenage son, Gulab. • Rani marries Gulab off to a child bride (janki) by paying a heavy sum to the bride's family. • Meanwhile, Gulab is disrespectful, rebellious, and prefers to wander with a gang of friends, spending time with sex workers.
  4. 4. 2.Janki • Janki the child bride, she wants to stops her marriage by chopping off her hair • because she loves someone else but is still forced to get married. • After marriage Janki is repeatedly beaten and raped by Gulab.
  5. 5. 3.Lajjo • Lajjo, A married woman. She does not have any children. • She is in an abusive marriage with an alcoholic husband, • having failed to conceive, she is taunted for being infertile • useless in the eyes of her husband and society.
  6. 6. 4.Bijli • The fourth woman is Bijli. She is a dancer in a travelling entertainment company. • The conservative and patriarchal village men are seen to be constantly visiting Bijli. • She has been increasingly refused offers for sex work which risk her boss, • who threatens to replace her with a new younger girl.
  7. 7. Gender role in this movie: • The socially constructed phenomenon of male dominancy, leads the male so biased in the case of women that even they did not make a fair decision.(panchayat) • Male are biased, unjust, arrogant and aggressive. • Male are superior and women consider as inferior. • From their childhood, society made certain norms that women will obey every odder of male.
  8. 8. Gender analysis in my point of view: It’s not only specific to Indian society but these are the universal stories. In male dominant society women are consider inferior, weak and subordinate. Male consider themselves superior so they are allowed to do anything but women are not.
  9. 9. According to Judith butler: “Masculine and feminine roles are not biologically fixed but socially constructed.”
  10. 10. Frame work of radical feminism Radical feminisim Ecnomic rights Finnical security Decission making power Less inequality
  11. 11. Feminism • Feminist movements in the West and in the Third World have been accessible to different issues facing women. Because women status is different in both sides. • In Pakistan women have fundamental rights in the constitution of Pakistan 1973, part 02, chapter 1, and Article 25 “equality of citizen.