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Linear programing

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the presentation show that how liner programming is useful in an organization to get a optimum result in production

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Linear programing

  1. 1. UNIVERSITY OF MYSORE OPERATIONS RESEARCH LINEAR PROGRAMMING Presenting to, Amulya bharadwaj Faculty Department of commerce Manasa gangotri ,mysore. Presenting By, Mahadeva prasad.m 2nd MFM DOS in commerce Manasa gangotri ,mysore.
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Linear Programming is that branch of mathematical programming which is designed to solve optimization problems where all the constraints as will as the objectives are expressed as Linear function .It was developed by George B. Denting in 1947
  3. 3. ADVANTAGES  The main advantage of linear programming is its simplicity and easy way of understanding.  Linear programming makes use of available resources  To solve many diverse combination problems.  Linear programming is adaptive and more flexibility to analyze the problems.  The better quality of decision is provided.
  4. 4. DISADVANTAGES  Linear programming works only with the variables that are linear.  The idea is static, it does not consider change and evolution of variables.  Non linear function cannot be solved over here.  Impossibility of solving some problem which has more than two variables in graphical method.
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