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Kennel Club: Dog Photographer of the Year

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Kennel Club: Dog Photographer of the Year

  1. 1. Man's Best Friend: 1st place Carlos Aliperti from Brazil, took this shot of his wife cuddling with his Border Collie.
  2. 2. Organisation dedicated to protecting and promoting the health and welfare of all dogs. www.thekennelclub.org.uk
  3. 3. Overall winner and Dogs at Work - 1st place Steph Gibson from Australia scooped the top prize for this picture of a sheep dog at work.
  4. 4. Assistance Dogs and Dog Charities: 1st place Ruud Lauritsen from the Netherlands took this spontaneous image of his neighbour's Labrador taking a break from his assistance dog duties.
  5. 5. Puppies: 1st place Cat Race from Preston, UK, came first with this picture of a Great Dane. Cat, who is a professional dog photographer, said: "He is a client's puppy and he was chasing my dog and looking really cheeky".
  6. 6. Dogs at Play: 1st place Art Burasz from London captured this fun image of dogs playing with a ball at a sports club.
  7. 7. Dog Portrait: 1st place Grzegorz Gebik from Poland scooped the top prize for his black and white photo of a dog lost in thought.
  8. 8. I Love Dogs Because: 1st 16-year-old Abbie Lee from Bristol, UK, took this comical photo of her Airedale Terrier staring at a sausage.
  9. 9. Special Mention Jura Cullen from the Isle Of Man took this photo of a dog ready for business.
  10. 10. Assistance Dogs and Dog Charities: 3rd place Ffiona Erskine from Australia took this striking black and white image.
  11. 11. Man's Best Friend: 3rd place Denis Buchel from Bulgaria took this picture of a dog sat patiently with a street trader.
  12. 12. Assistance Dogs and Dog Charities: 2nd place Professional photographer Caroline Bridges, from Belper, UK, came second in the Assistance Dogs and Dog Charities category for her picture of English Springer Spaniel, Max, who is one of two human remains detection dogs in the Republic of Ireland.
  13. 13. Special Mention Emily Canham, from Essex, UK, took this photo of her dog Ruby (a Bordeaux Mastiff) snuggling with Emily's grandmother
  14. 14. Dogs at Work: 2nd place THis photo was taken by Aleksandra Kaczor from Poland.
  15. 15. Puppies: 2nd place Richard Ware, a wedding photographer from Dartford, UK, photographed his sister's border terrier puppy, Amber, at the age of ten weeks.
  16. 16. I Love Dogs Because: 2nd place 17-year-old Rebecca Lane from Wiltshire, UK, photographed her sister's Jack Russell Parsons, Chip. "We were playing in the garden and it seemed a good moment to take a photo," she said.
  17. 17. Man's Best Friend: 2nd place Emma Williams from Brackley, UK, photographed her Miniature Dachshund, Hugo, walking in the Lake District.
  18. 18. Special Mention Rodrigo Alvarado from Australia captured this photo of a Dalmatian underwater.
  19. 19. Dogs at Play: 2nd place Simon White from Saffron Walden, UK, took this picture of his friend's Labrador, Barney, in a field of corn.
  20. 20. Dog Portrait: 3rd place. Dean Oseman from the Cotswolds, UK, took this stunning black and white image of Elsa, who is a working Cocker Spaniel.
  21. 21. Puppies: 3rd place Diana Anderson from Australia caught this tender moment between a mother and her newborn pup.
  22. 22. Special Mention Kelly Miller from Australia took this picture of a young girl and a therapy dog.
  23. 23. Dogs at Work: 3rd place Karsten Bidstrup from Denmark photographed husky dogs in the snow.
  24. 24. Dogs at Play: 3rd place Kerry Jordan from Fenhurst, UK, took this picture of Boo, her blue Whippet, at West Wittering beach in West Sussex.
  25. 25. Dog Portrait: 2nd place Alice Loder from Headley Down, UK, took this portrait of a Great Dane asleep on the sofa. Alice was on an equine photo shoot when she came across three Great Danes. She said: "I'd never actually met a Great Dane in real life and was completely in awe of these big gentle giants.
  26. 26. Special Mention Matthew Sablan from the USA took this photo of his Miniature Pinscher.
  27. 27. I Love Dogs Because: 3rd place Chris Faulkner from Woodly, UK, took this snap of his Rhodesian Ridgeback.
  28. 28. Special Mention Jennifer Ballerino from Addlestone, UK, took this picture of her Border Collie.
  29. 29. Special Mention Adam Jackman-Moore from Australia took this regal portrait of his Long-Haired Dachshund.
  30. 30. Special Mention Alexandra Robins, from Rhayader, UK, got a Special Mention in the Dogs at Play category for her picture of retired greyhound Murc playing on the beach in Wales.
  31. 31. END11-JUNIO-2015