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Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year 2016: Featured Entries

Africa Geographic Photo competition 2016

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Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year 2016: Featured Entries

  1. 1. A baboon enjoying the view at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa - Samuel Weiss
  2. 2. A little cub's big love for its mum, Balule Nature Reserve, Greater Kruger National Park- Brass Brassett
  3. 3. A beautiful sunset highlights the beauty of a baobab tree in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania - Jacques-Andre Dupont
  4. 4. Maasai life, Nogorongoro, Tanzania - Fabio Mitsuka Paschoal
  5. 5. Lilac-breasted roller pesting a martial eagle in Kruger National Park - Ernest Porter
  6. 6. Marabou storks resting for the night in Tanzania - Maayan Segev Lautzker
  7. 7. Everyday activity, Mozambique - Hein Welman
  8. 8. Women in Nacala Bay, Mozambique - Mariano Silva
  9. 9. Red lechwe running across floodplains in Okavango Delta, Botswana - Jan Grodza
  10. 10. Oxpeckers getting a free ride on a buffalo - Björn Persson
  11. 11. People climbing a red sand dune, Namibia - Luca
  12. 12. Lilac-breasted roller, Tarangire National Park, Tanzania - Deograsias Alfred
  13. 13. lions cubs in the first daylight - Markus Vetter
  14. 14. Kids playing in the sand of Lake Malawi in Cape Maclear - Gil Gofer
  15. 15. A daily routine, taking water from Victoria lake to home in Mwanza, Tanzania - Leonardo Frau
  16. 16. A man from the Lozi tribe fishing sustainably in Liuwa National Park. Image by Dale Morris/ African Parks
  17. 17. Baboon at Kruger - Chris Jek
  18. 18. Rhino at sunset - Alex Dyason
  19. 19. A white-eared kob migration in Boma National Park, South Sudan. Image by Bahr El Jebel Safaris SA de CV
  20. 20. A woman picks tea leaves at a farm in Malawi - Alexandra Novitske
  21. 21. Big eyes at Walter Sisulu Gardens - Charlene Bacchioni
  22. 22. Golden shower - Nick Rabjohn
  23. 23. Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.Image by Tami Walker
  24. 24. 10 week old cheetah cubs playing in Kenya's Rift Valley - Robert L Keyser III
  25. 25. The San enjoy a smoke at sunset in Makgadikgadi Pans, Botswana - Ravi T. Wadhwani
  26. 26. The herds of Linyati, Botswana - Ben Neale
  27. 27. Happy Spring Day from the Namaqualand Daisies! Image by HAWK Photography
  28. 28. Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia - Panos Laskarakis
  29. 29. Friends try to catch a donkey to help haul water to their village and get a wild ride - Alexandra Novitske
  30. 30. Shy Himba Boy - Shaun Stanley
  31. 31. Black and white at Serengeti National Park in Tanzania - Panos Laskarakis
  32. 32. Cheetah stare near Satara camp Kruger National Park, South Africa - Curtis Moodley
  33. 33. A prey mantis on an elephant in Ol Pejeta Conservancy.
  34. 34. Ndjili, the orphaned bonobo and Esperance, his substitution mother at the Lola Ya Bonobo Sanctuary, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo - Gaspard Van Hamme
  35. 35. Daasenich woman asks for a photo to see what her newly purchased beads look like around her neck in Omo Valley - Ben McRae
  36. 36. Red-billed quelea bath time at Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana - Sally Hinton
  37. 37. Great blue turaco in Kampala, Uganda by Krzysztof Błachowiak
  38. 38. Mud-brick house in the old town of Shali in Siwa Oasis in Egypt - Yasser Alaa Mobarak
  39. 39. A young Maasai boy herding his family's cattle in the Serengeti, Tanzania - Richard Sachse
  40. 40. The vanishing beauty of Himba traditions, Opuwo region, Namibia - Matthieu Rivart
  41. 41. A Maasai village in the the Ngorongoro crater - Ashish Parmar
  42. 42. A herd of elephant cross the Chobe River from Namibia into Botswana at sunrise - Shanna Love
  43. 43. The fire-lilies are blooming after the CapeFire Image by Human Wildlife Solutions
  44. 44. Michelangelo skies, Sesriem, Namibia – Gary Proctor
  45. 45. Fun and games with the boy shepherds in Ngorongoro Conservation area, Tanzania - Panos Laskarakos
  46. 46. Sundowners in the river valley in the Kgalagadi - Cliff Rossenrode
  47. 47. Massai walking - Bryan Pereira END14-ABRIL-2016