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51 Spectacular Photos of Our World From National Geographic

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51 Spectacular Photos of Our World From National Geographic

  1. 1. "Ohshi is a village on the Tadami river in Japan that has chosen co-existence with nature rather than urban development."Teruo Araya
  3. 3. "Blue pond, stellar sky."Nao Akimoto
  4. 4. "Taken at Ise in the Mie prefecture in Japan. You Iwata
  5. 5. Women praying during the month of Ramadan inside Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta which is the biggest mosque in southeast Asia."Pradeep Raja
  6. 6. "A panorama from two shots. Lofoten, Norway."Sergey Lukankin
  7. 7. An aerial view of the beautiful fall colors of New Hampshire. Manish Mamtani
  8. 8. The Yamuna river is most polluted when it flows through Delhi, muddy and full of filth. Yogesh Gupta
  9. 9. "I have waited to shoot this location for over six years. I tried once to capture it, but could not find it. Finally, on a layover at 2 am, I found it and had to get on my back to shoot straight up."Andrei D.
  10. 10. "The marble caves of Patagonia“.Clane Gessel
  11. 11. "A freediver swims in the deep of "swallows cave" in Tonga. The fish offer you a spectacular ballet when you dive inside."Marc Henauer
  12. 12. "The flow of fog at dawn was like the waterfall."Daisuke Matsui
  13. 13. "Mount Bromo volcano is a small but active volcanic cinder cone on Java, Indonesia. In early 2016, I happened to be there during an increase in seismic activity."Reynold Dewantara
  14. 14. "Traveling through Cuba in a vintage 1950 Chevrolet with a speedometer which no longer works. Lorraine Yip
  15. 15. "Yakushima is an island full of abundant moss and beautiful water."Tetsuya Hosokawa
  16. 16. "'Little Eyewitness' was taken at the Jigokudani Monkey Park in Nagano, Japan in December 2016. Hidetoshi Ogata
  17. 17. "Taken in Mishima in Fukushima prefecture, Japan during the fire festival held every February. Teruo Araya
  18. 18. This photo was taken in Jujing, an ancient village in China. Hua Zhu
  19. 19. "This photo was taken during sunrise in Bagan, Myanmar."Felipe Carranza
  20. 20. "Taken from the highest residential building in Asia: The Zenith in Busan. Albert Dros
  21. 21. "This building is apartment complex in Gifu prefecture of Japan. It is very colorful, but it is an ordinary collective housing where ordinary people can live.Tetsuya Hashimoto
  22. 22. "Cherry blossoms reflected in perfect condition."Hiroshi Tanita
  23. 23. "I expressed the visit of spring. Wild birds are also gathering for delicious honey. Okayama-shi, Okayama, Japan."Hayashida Masayoshi
  24. 24. "This photo captures the moment that I, along with 3 other Sami reindeer herders, become a little lost while migrating with 350 reindeer. Adam Cunningham-White
  25. 25. "Identical Hong Kong, different birdsong."Lester Lau
  26. 26. "'Hand tube' fireworks use 3 kilograms of gunpowder. All fireworks are handmade by the festival participants. The 400- year-old festival pays the evil spirits by the use of fireworks but it is a very dangerous festival."Hidenobu Suzuki
  27. 27. As the most ancient and grueling trade in Ethiopia, the salt miners in the Afar region are still using the most traditional camel caravan to carry loads of salt bricks extracted from the vast salt flats every day. Tugo Cheng
  28. 28. "Lightning strikes lower Manhattan as a summer storm approaches a moonlit New York City skyline."Christopher Markisz
  29. 29. Woman on the street while strolling around Old Havana. Lauren Breedlove
  30. 30. "The Maze of People."Mohsin Abrar
  31. 31. "The mornings in Iceland were not the easiest for me. Dark, cold, and windy. The conditions at Jökulsárlón exceeded my wildest expectations. Puzzled pieces of ice in various shades of white and blue, a warm light illuminating the tops of the mountains covered in snow."Mateusz Gorny
  32. 32. "Caribbean reef sharks are usually shy so I placed my camera on a rock where I know they frequent and used a remote trigger to click away as they came in and bumped my camera around."Shane Gross
  33. 33. "This shot was taken in Bucovina, Romania. Paraschiva is a 80-year-old woman who lives in a house close to the hills. There is no electricity but she can read the prayer with no glasses by candle light."Radu Dumitrescu
  34. 34. "Muslims are attending Jummah prayer on Friday in Baitul Mokarram Mosque at Dhaka, Bangladesh."Sohel Parvez Haque
  35. 35. Moraine Lake in Canada. Dave Valler
  36. 36. The Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine and the Nachi Great Waterfall are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Hidenobu Suzuki
  37. 37. Seda, located in Sichuan province, China, is the home to Larung Gar Buddhist Institute, the world’s largest Tibetan Buddhist institute, founded in 1980 and inhabited by more than 40,000 monks and nuns, students, and pilgrims from all over the world. Anton Gautama
  38. 38. "Walking with my wife, Allie, into Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia."Daniel Klazkin
  39. 39. "A bridge was built across the dramatic landscape of Three River Gorges in the Tianshan Mountains for the transportation of coal mining."Tugo Cheng
  40. 40. "Nemuro is the most easternly town in Hokkaido, Japan, known for its fisheries and for being surrounded by the Sea of Okhotsk (which separates Russia and Japan). Chris McCann
  41. 41. "Ana, an 84-year-old woman from Holbav, Brasov, Romania."Raul Jichici
  42. 42. "People were going home after working a hard day. David Nguyen
  43. 43. Mount Fuji is a treasure trove of mysterious shaped clouds. Takashi
  44. 44. This photo was taken on a flight above the Þórsmörk Highlands in Iceland. Nils Junker
  45. 45. "I was able to capture the silhouettes of the cranes through the morning fog."Hiroki Inoue
  46. 46. "Lava falls into the sea. Explosions occurred and there was warm smoke. My camera lens got fogged up."Tetsuya Nomura
  47. 47. "New Zealand's landscape is jaw-dropping from the ground level but from the air it was truly breathtaking. This photo was taken from a small plane flying from Queenstown to Milford Sound (Fjordland National Park), the most amazing flight I've ever been on."Jen O'Neill
  48. 48. "It was a night in January. We had a record snowfall in Kyoto. Takuya Higuchi
  49. 49. "Lake Yogo sometimes reflects everything in front of you."Takahiro Bessho
  50. 50. "Tolerating the harsh environment provided me with an opportunity to witness one of many wonders of nature in Wapusk National Park."Nadeem Sufi
  51. 51. "This aerial shot was taken in Death Valley National Park from a small plane."Stas Bartnikas
  52. 52. "Early morning, just before the sunrise, this big cloud made a perfect background for this photo. The rider is our guide that spent 10 years in this lovely Santa Cruz area in Argentina. Taken during my recent trip to Patagonia."Tomasz Turczynski
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