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How to do local SEO for your Local Business

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SEO or Organic Traffic through Google and different search engines is not just for big businesses, small local businesses can get benefits too.

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How to do local SEO for your Local Business

  1. 1. How to do Local SEO for your Local Business? http://mabdullahkhan.com
  2. 2. You can be a hairdresser, a restaurant or a pub, or any other small business looking to increase walk-in customers. SEO or Organic Google results can help you find more customers!
  3. 3. Get Google My Business account ● Go to http://google.com/business to create your local Google My Business account ● If Google can authenticate your Business, it will potentially reward you with Traffic! ● People feel more comfortable doing business with vendors who are listed on Google ● Your business name and details will start appearing in the sidebar whenever relevant customers search for your business name or category e.g. Hairdressers in Manhattan etc
  4. 4. Encourage Customers to share reviews ● You have to get your customers excited to share reviews about your business. ● For negative response, Remember to try respond to these reviews which will help other potential customers. ● For positive comments, you can say ‘Thanks for your support. We try our best to improve customer experience in [city/state] when you are shopping.
  5. 5. Optimize Website: Improve Link Structure ● Adjust your internal linking structure. Make sure all your website links are relevant looking and connected with pages that have similar content or something your users will find helpful. ● If you are a hairdresser but also sell hair products, you can link that page with their hairdressing page within the content or through the main navigation.
  6. 6. Optimize Website: Give Localized Look ● Don’t forget to give your website a localized touch since you’ll be taking care of local customers in your city, state or area. ● Implement keywords that properly address your walk-in customers like using your city, state or area in wherever possible within the content or main navigation. E.g. People from all over the World visit Manhattan and who doesn’t want to look Good in new Hair Style while travelling the beautiful city of Manhattan? ● Optimize your URL/Hyperlinks, TItles, Headings, Meta Descriptions and Content
  7. 7. Add Local Pages to your Website Whether you have multiple offices or just one, don’t forget to create location pages on your website separately with customer feedback or contact form so Google knows you have website also for your Local Business.
  8. 8. Mobile-friendly Website ● Make sure your website is mobile friendly. ● Mobile friendly websites are must to have nowadays. ● If your website have too much content you can opt for Google AMP or Google Accelerated Mobile Pages
  9. 9. Submit to Directories ● Now when you have verified on Google My Business and optimized your website. ● It is time to submit on NAP or Name, Address, Phone directories just like Yellow pages. This will help your business strengthen rankings and get you more traffic.
  10. 10. Start a Blog ● Create a blog on your website, and post about different happenings at your business, and promote new offers such as discount, bundle offer etc. ● Post your blog updates on Social media.
  11. 11. Connect with other bloggers ● People who are running blogs about your niche, and something that can help your business. Ask them to Guest Post on your blog, or ask them to write about your business on their blog. ● This will give your business a great boost!
  12. 12. Need help with your Local SEO? Email at: abdullah@mabdullahkhan.com http://mabdullahkhan.com