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How to improve your English for non-English speakers

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How to improve your english
How to improve your english
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How to improve your English for non-English speakers

  1. 1. HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH By Mohamed Abdel Monem @MAbdelMonem93
  2. 2. WHY ENGLISH  First language in the world  Highly needed to get a better job  New culture  Communicate with foreigners  Traveling abroad  Other reasons!
  3. 3. DO I SPEAK ENGLISH? Background knowledge of English Actual ability to use the language in everyday activities
  4. 4. COMMON PROBLEMS • Vocabulary • Grammar • I can’t speak English (fluency) • I always make mistakes!! • Other
  5. 5. HOW TO GET BETTER • Practice then practice then practice!!! • Work on skills you need to improve • It’s not about grammar! Nor your score in high school! • Then practice again and again!!!
  6. 6. DIFFERENT LANGUAGE SKILLS Listening Speaking Reading writing
  7. 7. 1- HOW TO IMPROVE LISTENING? Speaking to English speakers Watching TV and movies Watching foreign movies with English subtitles Listening to radio Reading audio books Singing English songs Practicing pronunciation Joining conversation groups/one-on-one conversations
  8. 8. 2- HOW TO IMPROVE SPEAKING?  Reading aloud  Networking and making friends  Greeting people on the street  Having small talks in public  Joining one-on-one conversations, conversation and common interest groups  Talking to your friends in English
  9. 9. HOW TO HAVE A GREAT CONVERSATION?  Relax and calm yourself  Listen well  Ask questions  Use a friendly tone  Choose your words and questions carefully  Avoid controversial and intimate topics as well as arguments  Neither interrupt a person in the middle of his thought, nor speak on top of it  Compliment the other person  Thank for a great conversation
  10. 10. HOW TO IMPROVE MY CONVERSATION SKILLS?  Don’t be shy and self-conscious!  Communication errors can be solved.  A conversation is an interactive activity involving listening and speaking from both parties.  It’s all about listening and asking questions.  If a conversation is going wrong, it may not be your fault.
  11. 11. 3- HOW TO IMPROVE READING?  Reading books & E-books  Watching movies with English subtitles  Listening to songs and following their lyrics  Learning letter/letter combination sounds  Stressing words correctly  Paying attention to punctuation signs  Slowing down and pronouncing every single word as well as word endings
  12. 12. 4- HOW TO IMPROVE WRITING?  Reading, listening and speaking  Learning English grammar and vocabulary  Understanding the basic subject-verb sentence structure  Using correct spelling  Keeping in mind frequently misspelled words  Making use of grammar and spell-check tools  Punctuating correctly  Blogging, text messaging or having pen friends
  13. 13. RESOURCES FOR IMPROVING ENGLISH • Learn English Free Online: http://www.learnenglish.de • Learn American English Online: www.learnamericanenglishonline.com • Learn Languages for Free Online: http://www.busuu.com
  14. 14. THANKS A LOT… @MAbdelMonem93

Notas do Editor

  • Introduction
    Thank you for being here
    We’re gonna talk about how to improve our English
  • Be a global citizen
    Widen your horizons
    Open yourself to a new culture

    So what about me??

  • All of us have learned English in school
    No one is completely ignorant when it comes to English
    Use your passive knowledge

    So what are the problems we face when it comes to English??
  • Don’t memorize new word
    You’ve to have an actual experience with the word to memorize
    Use the word; put it in a sentence!
    Don’t always resort to dictionaries, try to guess it!!
    Don’t worry about grammar. It’ll come with practice
    Learn by mistakes
  • If you don’t practice, you will never speak English
  • Start with “Listening, Speaking”
    Then move on to “reading & writing”
    Not the other way around as we’re used to in our amazing education system!!

    What do you think we need to work on first
  • Movies with English subtitles
    Listen to it more than on time, many times
    Say what you hear
  • Talk to yourself (not in the bathroom cuz that’s weird)
    Always repeat what you say in English
    Think in English
    Speak slowly to speak faster
  • Speak slowly and clearly
    No politics or religion
    Avoid topics that’ll invite heated arguments
  • Make mistake and learn from them
  • Talk about stress (contest verb and noun)
    “….tion, ….ment” and other endings
    Periods, commas & question marks
  • Interacting with the language
    Using the language
    Misspelled words like (foreign, science, believe, etc)
  • Google “MOOC”
  • Don’t forget to follow me