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Npc tour relay of life in second life 2020

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Nonprofit Commons Tour of the Game On, Cancer theme for the 2020 Relay for Life of Second Life. Tour on June 5, 2020 and RFL is June 6-7, 2020. Visit the 45 regions by searching for RFL in the World Map.

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Npc tour relay of life in second life 2020

  1. 1. Game On, Cancer! NPC Tours SL RFL on June 5 & the Relay is June 6-7, 2020 Lyr Lobo, Dr. Cynthia Calongne Nonprofit Commons Education Chair Team Circle of Life in the Second Life RFL
  2. 2. Second Life Relay for Life on June 6-7 2020
  3. 3. To Visit the Relay for Life of Second Life
  4. 4. Pick Up Your Swag at the Kiosks on each Region
  5. 5. See Your Lap Counters during the Relay https://slrfl.maintree.com/ Wear a Pedometer from the Kiosk & Click Start Available just prior to the start of the Relay
  6. 6. Ready Player One & Classic Games
  7. 7. RFL of Second Life Opening 10am SLT: Opening Ceremony June 6, 2020 Time to get started. We kick off the event by honoring everyone who's been affected by cancer and everyone who has contributed to the success of this year's Relay season. 11am SLT: Survivor/Caregiver Laps Sponsored by Relay Rockers Survivors and Caregivers are the heart and soul of Relay For Life events. We honor their strength and courage with every step they take. It doesn't matter if you were diagnosed 10 days ago or 10 years ago, you can walk while everyone gathers together to cheer you on. The 2020 Survivor/Caregiver Walk in Second Life will begin immediately following the Opening Ceremony.
  8. 8. 45 Regions of Tributes to Games
  9. 9. 24-hour Schedule of Themed Laps https://bit.ly/SLRFL20Schedule
  10. 10. Themed Lap Schedule June 6, 2020 I • 12:30pm SLT: Teams Laps Sponsored by GridPlay • 2pm SLT:Roller Skating Hour • 3pm SLT: Walk with a Friend • 4pm SLT: Somewhere Over the Rainbow Sponsored by Attention on Cancer • 5pm SLT: Your Favorite Sports Teams • 6pm SLT: Nerds & Geeks Unite!
  11. 11. Themed Lap Schedule June 6, 2020 II • 7pm SLT: Your Favorite Video Games Sponsored by Friends For A Cure • 8pm SLT: Camping Hour Sponsored by Camping For A Cure • 9pm SLT: Luminaria Ceremony • 10pm SLT: Candyland Hour! Sponsored by SHB Gems • 11pm SLT: Las Vegas Hour • 12am SLT: TOGA Party!! Food Fight!
  12. 12. Memorial Garden y for Life of Second Life 2020 Relay
  13. 13. Themed Lap Schedule June 7, 2020 • 1am SLT: 80's Hour Sponsored by C&V's House of Rock • 2am SLT: Pac Man Hour • 3am SLT: Monopoly Hour • 4am SLT: Ahoy Matey! • 5am SLT: Hero Hour Sponsored by Heroes Helping Heroes • 6am SLT: Fight Back Hour Sponsored by Gavin Dionysus
  14. 14. Themed Lap Schedule June 7, 2020 II • 7am SLT: Wear Your Coffee & Drink Your Curlers Sponsored by Relay Rockers • 8am SLT: Hawaiian Hour • 9am SLT: Purple Power Hour Sponsored by Team Shadow • 10am SLT: Closing Ceremony • 11am SLT: Victory Lap - Dancing With Your Sparklers!
  15. 15. For More Info, See the SL RFL Volunteer guide https://bit.ly/SLRFL2020
  16. 16. RFL Second Life Groups • VOLUNTEER GROUP IN SECOND LIFE Open group for all RFL Volunteers to communicate secondlife:///app/group/7f1cc591-7968-9204-4082- 98c7e544c371/about • AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY VOLUNTEER Open group for all RFL Volunteers to communicate/alerts and notices secondlife:///app/group/1a9376b4-b69d-c8b3-a80f- 9dd070b5bd50/about • INFO-ONLY GROUP IN SECOND LIFE No group chat & group notices limited to only those related to event announcements secondlife:///app/group/290d66a7-cf3a-9f5c-5a5f- b69a80585607/about
  17. 17. See you at the Relay for Life of Second Life!