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Coaching and Developing Employees: The cornerstones of coaching

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I want to give you the three cornerstones of the coaching process that will help you work smarter, not harder. We'll illustrate those corner stones in action with our coaching Eric, a team leader and his manager, Michelle. We'll do that by showing you two approaches, the directive manager and the manager as coach. Cornerstone Number 1, Be Curious. At its core coaching is an inquiry, an open-ended question asking that encourages people to reflect, source new perspectives and ideas, and take self guided action. So here's Eric and Michele.

This brings us to the second cornerstone, Let the Employee Lead.

People do best by sourcing themselves about the choices they make. They need a lot of autonomy. Your job is to help your employees discover where their goals values and priorities dovetail with organizational goals the big picture.

So, the third cornerstone, Coach the Whole Person. This means the life-work, work-life merge is not only relevant, but crucial to engagement and satisfaction, especially in a 24/7, always on world.

If someone is challenged by family needs, or even a crisis, it impacts their ability to perform in the workplace

So let's rewind and incorporate all three cornerstones. Be curious, Let the employee lead, and Coach the whole person

Notice how Michelle's patience makes room for Eric's own best ideas to surface. Michelle doesn't deny, negate, fix, or tell Eric what to do. Most of us have a tendency to listen just long enough to offer a solution. It's a great strength, but in terms of engagement it can be counterproductive.
With just a little more patience, oftentimes silence, your employees will do the talking. And the solutions they find tend to be more authentic and durable. And that's what fosters true alignment with company objectives. I invite you to print out the three cornerstones included in the exercise guide. Post them somewhere visible while you're working on your new skills.

Watch more about coaching and developing employees: http://www.lynda.com/Business-Skills-tutorials/Giving-future-focused-feedback/115863/134913-4.html

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