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Insights from a Content Marketer: The goal of content marketing

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Hi, I'm C.C. Chapman, co-author of the book Content Rules. I make a living as an author, speaker, and consultant, working with brands around the world, of all sizes, to do better with online media. So, content marketing is the, you know, marketing du jour these days. It's been around forever. I mean, radio print and television ads were content marketing. Content is what you have created to share your story with the world, but now, because of the social nature of the Web, and more and more people being on it, people are paying more attention to it, because you can't just create a print ad, and hope the world is going to be excited by it.

So content marketing is really strategically looking at what you're doing from a marketing and communications perspective, and how you are going to make images, words, stories that people are going to want to share with others. And that's really what content marketing boils down to. So, the goal of content marketing should always be about getting your immediate audience to share what you've created with their audiences. So your potential customer base, or people who already have your product; they know about you.

Reaching them is easy, but what makes the Web so powerful is when somebody else shares information about you. I may not care about your company, because I've never heard of it yet, but if one of my friends who is a fan of your product shares something you've created, all of a sudden now it's on my radar. And the hope is that, wow! I'll be so excited by it that maybe I'll come purchase your product or service, or at least find out more. In the best possible situation, I'll be so excited by that content, that I'll share it. And that social reaching out beyond communities is why content marketing in today's world is so exciting.

This tutorial from the course, Insights from a Content Marketer, discusses the goals of content marketing, the tools and skills you'll need to run a successful campaign, and how to leverage social media. Watch and listen to C.C. Chapman discuss the goals of content marketing: getting your immediate audience to share the content with their audience, thereby expanding your reach exponentially.

Watch the entire discussion on lynda.com: http://www.lynda.com/Business-Skills-tutorials/Insights-from-Content-Marketer/108136-2.html

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