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Ted Presentation Revised

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Ted Presentation Revised

  1. 1. BRIAN STEVENSON We Need to Talk About Injustice By: Javonte Lyle
  2. 2. Is a lawyer and the founderof the Equal JusticeInitiative which fightspoverty and racialdiscrimination in criminalcourts.
  3. 3. One of his main jobs is to work asa defense attorney for juvenileswho are being charged as adults,and inmates on death row whohe feels have been wronglyaccused. He stated that 1 in 9cases of people sentenced todeath have been exonerated.
  4. 4. The inequality of theAmerican justice system.Which incarcerateslower class and minorityoffenders at an unfairproportion compared toupper class and whiteoffenders.
  5. 5. Mr. Stevenson, grabbed thecrowds attention by telling thestory of his upbringing in theAmerican South which laid thefoundation for his morals,beliefs , and values .
  6. 6. Mr. Stevenson usedhard numbers andhard facts to give theaudience a mentalpicture so that theycould understandthe severity of themessage he wastrying to get acrossabout the inequalitythat exist in thejudicial system.
  7. 7. Mr. Stevenson useda cameo from afamous Civil Rightsactivist whom heknows personallyto keep hispresentationinteresting and toshow the supporthe has from peoplewho have helped tochange the world.
  8. 8. II think mostimportantly he usedself humor andpolitical satire, andstory telling to reallylock the crowd in. Italso kept hispresentation frombecoming to formaland dry and added abit of fun to adepressing topic.
  9. 9. I think by himbeing a lawyer hewas able to usehis skills andteqniques fromthe courtroom tomove, motivate,and paint a vividpicture of theissues he wantedto address to theaudience.
  10. 10. I think if Mr.Stevenson used usedgraphs and charts toshow thedemographics ofthose treated unfairlyin the judicial systemwould have solidifiedhis presentation evenmore kind of likeshowing evidenceduring trial.
  11. 11. I think the bestTedcommandmenthe used was totalk about hisown failures andshort comings
  12. 12. I think the best tipsMr. Stevenson, usedfrom Garr Reynoldswas to keep it simple,use humor and tell astory.
  13. 13. Mr. Stevenson, taughtme to keep a steadypace and to have goodtransitions and fluidityin my delivery . Andalso to have confidencein myself and mymessage.
  14. 14. I think Mr. Stevenson’spresentation comparedto Sir. Ken Robison wasequally good they bothused similar techniquessuch as humor andstory telling, but whereSir. Robinson usedillustrations Mr.Stevenson used wordsto paint mentalpictures.
  15. 15. The best advice I cangive my classmates isto be prepared, staymotivated, and havepassion about thesubject matter youare presenting. Andlike the EJI always doand says what is rightno matter hard it is.