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Project Proposal Powerpoint

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Project Proposal on Powerpoint for my Narrative Sequence project of 3D characters.

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Project Proposal Powerpoint

  1. 1. Project Proposal ! Mahbuba, Luke & Elysia!
  2. 2. Alli Dino-Croc! Excitable, large, prehistoric crocodile/dinosaur that can adapt to any environment just like a chameleon. !
  3. 3. Cleogin! Caring and loveable fat pigeon who can be quite annoying at times.!
  4. 4. Sunshine (Sonny)! Secret agent/spy who (thinks he) blends in with any flower he is next to. Can be mischievous when bored. Enjoys watching peoples reactions.!
  5. 5. Initial Experiments! !   First attempt at cut out animation!
  6. 6. !   Final cut out animation!
  7. 7. Film with 3D Characters!
  8. 8. Final Form of ! Narrative & Sequence! 3D stop motion animation! Extra - Picture flipbook!
  9. 9. Narrative! ! Alli, Cleogin and Sonny are playing hide and seek in the park. Sonny gets bored and decides to hide Alli’s bone. It takes a little while for Alli to figure out it is gone but when he does, he becomes frantic. Alli soon finds out Sonny hid it and gets aggressive towards Sonny. Sonny gets scared and looks to where the bone is hidden. While Alli looks up and sees his bone up a tree, Sonny takes the chance to run away. Alli looks back to Sonny and starts to chase him. Whilst Alli is chasing after Sonny, Cleogin flies to the tree where the bone is and knocks it off. The bone falls towards the floor and hits Alli on the head as he passes underneath still chasing Sonny. Alli wakes up with Sonny and Cleogin standing over him.! Ending to be confirmed!
  10. 10. Storyboard!
  11. 11. References of Style!
  12. 12. Time Plan! !   Week 8- Finalise ideas. Prepare for 3D stop motion filming (Confirm locations, confirm film days etc).! !   Week 9- Stop motion filming. Start editing! !   Week 10- Finish editing. Finalise work! !   Week 11- Complete everything ready for final crit/ presentation!
  13. 13. Blogs! ! http://elysiapearce.blogspot.co.uk/p/narrative-and- sequence.html! ! http://mahbuba-hussen.blogspot.co.uk! ! http://lukeyhy-93.blogspot.co.uk!