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Presentacion ciclopaseo ingles



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Presentacion ciclopaseo ingles

  1. 1. ¡TRAVELS THE TRACKS AND ENJOY YOUR CITY!Alejandro Ocampo RestrepoNataly Duque Mazo
  2. 2. MISSIONThe cycle ride, is performed for the purposeof create spaces to allow a clean environmentto encourage the free leisure, recreation andsport.
  3. 3. VISIONThe cycle ride as physical and recreationalactivity, the 2012 will be oriented to socialwellbeing of all inhabitants of themunicipality of Envigado by disseminatingmodels of healthy living and healthyrecreation.
  4. 4. GENERAL OBJECTIVEPromote the use of the bicycle as a means of non-pollutingtransport under the slogan “travels the tracks and enjoy yourcity” with the purpose to promote an alternative urbanmobility.SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE• Incentivize to the citizens to solve environmental problems.• Contribute to the use of leisure time through sportspractices.
  5. 5. PURPOSEThe event will mark the start of promote the use of bicycles,awakening love towards physical activity and healthyrecreation.What is the cycle ride?It is a fun activity recreational and sport wherein theparticipants perform a pleasant journey through the tracksof the municipality
  6. 6. BENEFITS OF RIDE A BICYCLEEXERCISE TIME MAINS BENEFITSTen minutes ArticulationsTwenty minutes Strengthens the immune systemThirty minutes Improves cardiac pressureForty minutes Greater capacity and betterstaminaFifty minnutes Reduces metabolismSixty miutes Decrease body weight~ Sixty minutes decrease body weightMAIN HEALTH BENEFITS OF CYCLING
  7. 7. PREMISEGENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS• The tour is designed for all ages, for both experts andbeginners alike. At all times keep in mind that this is a purelyrecreational activity, not competitive.
  8. 8. • As it is a cycle ride clothing is recommended white or lightcolors.• Wear clothing and Comfortable shoes of materials tofacilitate perspiration.
  9. 9. • If possible use the basic protection items such as helmets andgloves.• Respects the traffic signs which guide the cycle ride. Do notstand on the platforms. Please use caution at all times.
  10. 10. • If necessary, take a thermos of water or other liquid tohydrate during the tour.• If you are with young children, be always mindful of them.Do not leave them in the care of others or unknown.
  11. 11. • And most importantly: go willingly and with positive attitudeto spend a pleasant moment.
  12. 12. STRATEGYIt is a massive event for thewhole community in themunicipality of Envigado andspace for the realization ofphysical activity through ofsport practice, looking tointegrate of the family as thefundamental unit of society.
  13. 13. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET• Recognition of place.• Making map (sketch).• Letters for principals.• Letters of sponsorship.• Advertising.• Badges As of the participants.• Format inscriptions.• Organizational guide format.
  14. 14. PERSONAL OR TEAM• Alejandro Ocampo Restrepo• Nataly Duque Mazo• 8 Recreation Assistants of INDER
  15. 15. 14 Agents in Traffic and 7 Civil DefenseTransportation15 Policemen 4 Firefighters
  16. 16. PUBLICITYSpend streetPosterTravel mapBracelet
  17. 17. “With a tire in a point we give our first cycle ride in family.”We weat for you