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  1. 1. Thingsyouneed: Solar oven A box inside another box but with a tiny space on the side to fit the aluminum there. Aluminum foil for the helping of cooking the food.Solar oven helps you kind of cookwith solar electricity, just with thesun it makes the food warm anddelicious to eat. Sciencefair Group: Florencia lugo #10 News paper for the outside of the Ma. Regina martinez #14 Lorena castañeda #4 solar oven Edda rodarte navarro #19
  2. 2. More things: Glass for all the light to pass through without burning the food So this is all the things you need to do the solar oven. You start by putting the two boxes one inside another leaving the tiny space there to put the newspaper. Then you put aluminum foil inside of the top all pasted and then you need to put in the hole the glass which should be bigger than the hole then you put it on top of the hole, of course hole needs to be opened for you to put the glass on top.You also had to make a top ofthe box and cut a little holeshaped as a square and one Conclusion:edge has to still be in the top ofthe box for it to help enter the you can cooklight. with the sun.