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Czech media - TV

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  1. 1. • History until the present day TELEVISION
  2. 2. CZECH BROADCASTING • Czech television • Nova • Prima • TV Barrandov • Private channels • Šlágr TV • Metropol
  3. 3. BASIC INFORMATION ABOUT THE CZECH TV • Established on January 1st, 1992 • Statutory body: managing director appointed by the Czech Television Board for a 6 year period • Control authority: Czech Television Board • Czech Television Board (15 members) is elected by the House of Parliament of CR for a 6 years period with a two year alteration of one third of its members • Organisational parts of CTV are in Prague, TS Brno and Ostrava
  4. 4. • Channels full format ČT1 and ČT2, news channel ČT24, sport channel ČT sport, child channel ČT :D and cultural channel ČT art six television channels ČT1, ČT2, ČT24, ČT sport, ČT :D and ČT art 24 hours a day, land, satellite, internet, mobile platforms and regional broadcast sound: stereophonic, bilingual and Dolby Digital additional services: Teletext ČT, Teletext Expres, EPG, hidden subtitles, • Economy • Independent entity independent from the state budget • Financing • from television fees and business activities defined by the law • television fee – the main source of income • business activity (advertisement, sponsoring etc.) – additional source of income
  5. 5. • before the WW2. Before any concrete results could have been generated the war events stopped any activity. The research has been renewed after the war. • The fist experimental TV broadcasting in Czechoslovakia took place on March 23rd, 1948 in Tanvald where a group of scientists of Military technical institute executed an exhibition for the public. Another experimental TV broadcast took place in 1948 as part of an international radio exhibition MEVRO in Prague. • The experimental TV broadcasting from Prague Studio in Měšťanská Beseda (in Vladislavova street) launched on May 1st, 1953 and February 25th, 1954 was declared regular. The Prague observation tower on Petrin was adapted as the first television transmission tower in 1953. At first the television was broadcasting only three days a week (only two days in the summer). In November 1953 was the number of broadcasting days increased to four, in 1955 to six days a week and since December 29th, 1953 the television was broadcasting its programs every day of the week. THE BEGINNINGS
  6. 6. STUDIO AND COLORFUL BROACAST • On May 10th, 1970 was the broadcasting of the Czechoslovak television fortified by its second channel. On May 9th, 1973 it launched regular colorful broadcasting. Regular colorful broadcasting on the first channel was launched on May 9th, 1975. In January 1979 a new television news object was put into operation on Kavčí hory. • Studio Ostrava • December 31st , 1955 • Studio Bratislava • November 3rd, 1956 • Studio Košice • February 25th, 1962 in Košice. • Studio Brno July 6th, 1961 in Brno
  7. 7. ARCHIVE • An important factor that influenced the quality of production was the fact that the editors, announcers and other program workers were organizationally part of the radio. Many of the program creators were very amateur when it came to television. In the beginnings the whole 157 broadcasting days were provided by only eleven people.
  8. 8. RESPONSIBILITY • The Czech TV regularly (at least once in 4 months) publishes an analysis of its program balance including the space dedicated to political parties and movements. The analysis is done by a renowned specialized institute independent from the Czech television. • The aim of the Czech TV is to offer the public newscast and journalism of the highest possible quality. This result cannot be reached without a feedback. We believe that you would appreciate our effort to share the results of the regular InnoVatia analysis. They are another contribution of Czech TV to making the discussion about the quality of the public services media more transparent. We hope that such an open possibility of controlling the complying with the code of the Czech TV will significantly contribute to the objective reflection of the public service media.
  9. 9. LAWS AND RULES – LANGUAGE • Code (see PDF) • 9.1 The Czech TV is obliged to respect the cultivation of the language use. The language use of the announcers, TV hosts and presenters in the broadcast should be the paradigm of the correct language use thanks to the fact that the audience may take the language use as the standard. • 9.2 The Czech TV has the responsibility to always chose and carefully use language according to the topic and genre. The announcers, TV hosts and presenters of the news and journalistic programs are obliged to use only the literary language. The only exception is if they were quoting or interpreting a statement or behavior of another person or if the use of non-standard language would be irreplaceable with regard to the situation (e.g. to keep the authenticity of a conversation or the use of reporting license according to the 16.17 amendment etc.). • 9.3 The word formulation used by the broadcasting announcers, TV hosts or presenters should avoid phrases, cliché or any other forms of tabulating of language content. When reporting information the popular phrases of the present period cannot be preferred at the expense of accuracy and factuality of the information content. The Czech TV keeps in mind not to use stereotypical repetition of phrases in its programs when the alternation keeps the accuracy of the word. • 9.4 The Czech TV systematically cooperates with language experts and when in doubt about the correct use of a word it is obliged to request their statement, if possible, before the recording. The Czech TV has a regularly, at least once in a six months, processed analysis of the language quality of the broadcast that is published. It is done by a renowned language institute independent from the Czech TV. Correction of language mistakes is conducted according to the 1.13. clause.
  10. 10. CHILDREN AUDIENCE • 2.1 The Czech TV approaches the children audience mainly with the aim to help them to discover and accept as their own the values of politeness, education, diligence and respect to the environment. It adjusts the composition and character of the programs intended for the children audience according to this objective. The Czech TV is aware of the fact that if the program does not captivate the children it is not able to meet the mentioned responsibilities. • 2.2 The Czech TV offers the children audience mainly the tradition of a Czech and world fairy tale, films for the children and youth, competitions, educational and pedagogical programs. It also contributes to the cultural orientation and popularization of sport among the children and youth. One of the important obligations on this field is considered creating conditions for the development of the native production for the children and youth. This obligation is intensified by the awareness that the Czech TV is the main and the only permanent native producer of TV production for the children and youth.
  11. 11. INFORMATION • 5.1 The main objective of the Czech TV is to provide information via newscasts and current journalistic programs. It provides the audience with information that is important for their general knowledge and free formation of opinion. Regional broadcast has a fixed position in the program. • 5.2 In case of emergency the Czech TV is prepared to interrupt planned program with special news. • 5.3 Topically journalistic programs of Czech TV offer mostly critical reflection of reality, they have to deeply examine things, search for the real causes of phenomena and describe the extend of impact. Documentary programs also give the space to the participants of events to state their arguments that explain their point of view. When observing the development of democratic society it is necessary to broadcast investigative documentary programs that are about serious law breaking, corruption and protection of the rights and interests of the citizens, Documentary programs are also dedicated to the environmental problems, ethnic minorities, disabled people or other groups such as seniors, people in difficult social situation or consumers. The spectrum of the mentioned programs corresponds to the current needs of the society obtained by inquiring via representative sociodemographic research.
  12. 12. THE CREATORS AND RESPECT • 4.1 The Czech TV considers the creators of the programs (the employees of CTV or external employees) to be the crucial requirement for a successful execution of public service. It is aware of its responsibilities concerning the original production and production of its own programs. That is why it creates creative environment and conditions for free competition of ideas and their implementation. This must be given by clear and just rules about the cooperation with the CTV given in advance. • 4.2 CTV will act on behalf of protection of the freedom of speech of its creators regardless the fact if it still cooperates with them. Illegal denial of freedom of speech of one individual can lead to denial of the same right to others. CTV will, adequately to its possibilities, act in a solidary way if a creator is put in danger while fulfilling their professional obligations without their own fault. CTV will put an effort into ensuring safety , legal aid and material aid for certain time in case of need. • 4.3 Retention of conscience – CTV will respect the right of the creator to integrity of their conscience. If an employee informs their superior or an external employee informs the person representing CTV in advance that their conscience does not allow them to work on certain topic, such a creator will be dismissed from working on the topic without any financial sanctions. The creator also cannot be additionally forced to act during a show in a way that is opposed to their conscience or that would change the intention and meaning of their creation. If the creator gets into a conflict with their superior creating a conflict of conscience, the CTV has an obligation to negotiate with the creator about the resolving the problems in a similar way mentioned in the 4.6 article.
  13. 13. I- BROADCAST • http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/ivysilani/
  14. 14. COMMERCIAL TELEVISION TV Nova TV Prima TV Barrandov TV Metropol
  15. 15. TV NOVA • It obtained broadcasting license in 1993, first broadcast took place on February 4th, 1994 in Prague. Its founder and the first general director was Vladimír Železný. • At that time it was the first private TV station. For years it has been the most watched Czech TV station. It`s operator is CET 21 which is part of the international company CME.
  17. 17. PRESENT DAY • 2014: Celebration of 20th birthday • On February 4th, 2014 TV Nova celebrated its 20th birthday. The viewers could have visited the areas of TV Nova during its open door days. Nova launched a free video library Nova Plus at its birthday. It offers its programs even seven days after their airing date on TV. • On Sunday, March 23 Nova TV first introduced its new studio, graphics, jingles and Newscast logo to the viewers. Part of the studio is equipped with curved projecting wall measuring 20 square meters with ultra HD definition, movable table for the announcers that can be moved around vertical axis up to 270° or a huge projecting LED surface. The announcers can control the graphics by movements and gestures via Kinect console placed above the camera. • On March 5th, 2013 it launched the second season of singing competition Voice of Czechoslovakia.
  20. 20. TV PRIMA • 1992 – 1997 / Prima as a Premiere • FTV Prima was given a broadcasting license for the Prague region and the middle part of the Czech Republic on November 26th 1992. It was the first license ever to operate a commercial broadcast in the Czech Republic. The broadcast started on June 20th, 1993. A year later the license was extended to the whole region of the Czech Republic.
  21. 21. • 1997 – 2000 / Prima is Prima • In the beginning of 1997 the name of the television is changed to Prima television. A year later the television moved to its current and well-known headquarters at Palmovka (Na Žertvách 24/132). You surely remember programs like Prima jízda, Nikdo není dokonalý, Carusošou, Svět 2000 from this period. The ratings increased from 15% to 20% and the positive trend was continuing. The main television target group was found – family. Own production of programs and flexibility are emphasized. • • 2003 / Prima with all ten • Obtains extension of their broadcasting license until 2018 2004 / Series Prima • Prima television influences by its coverage already 96% of Czech citizens. At the same time it appeals to the viewers with its new original Czech series „Rodinná pouta“. It is a totally new concept which soon becomes very successful. HISTORY
  22. 22. REALITY SHOW • 2006 / Reality show Prima • Many reality shows are created externally, such as Chůva v akci, Bar, Trosečník, VyVolení 2. One of the famous and successful ones is a new format about losing weight Jste to, co jíte. Successful foreign series are represented by Grey's Anatomy or Desperate housewives.
  23. 23. OTHER CHANNELS • 2009 / Prima fun is COOL too • The TV management`s aim is to bring the audience a vast amount of fun and lifestyle shows.. Nic než pravda, Nahá jsi krásná, Souboj v těžké váze, Ano, šéfe!, Nepodceňuj blondýnky, Jak se staví dům…these shows and many others entertain the audience the whole spring. • Prima COOL, a long awaited channel, launched in April. • 2011 / Prima LOVE • On March 8th FTV Prima launches its next rocket - Prima love. Its crew consists of the most favorite series and movies heroes and characters. They are looking forward to sharing their missions with the audience. • 2012/ Prima family is here for your family too • TV Prima finished its broadcast at the end of 2011. Since January 1st, 2012 new television, Prima family is here for you. It brings the audience many program novelties and new successful series popular with the audience for many seasons.
  24. 24. TV BARRANDOV • TV Barrandov is a Czech digital television that launched on January 11th, 2009 at 11:01 AM. It was owned by a group of investors with the majority of shares owned by Moravia Steel. In September 2012 the television was bought by Empresa Media with Jaromír Soukup in the lead. TV Barrandov wants to be the alternative to the other commercial televisions and is targeted at the age group of 30 year old audience. The license owner is Barrandov Televizní Studio a. s.
  25. 25. PROGRAM COMPOSITION • Program composition consists of entertaining programs like To byl náš hit, Vtip za 100, Politická střelnice, soap operas: Velkolepé století, Sturm der Liebe, Lena - láska mého života, Čas tulipánů; competition programs: Barrandovský videostop, Pekelná kuchyně nebo Drtivá porážka; magazines: Co bude dnes k večeři?, Prominenti, Hvězdy na cestách, Máme dítě, or the controversial interactive oracle. One of the successful programs is Animáček, an evening block for children. Thanks to this program is TV Barrandov the most watched TV in the Czech Republic in the target group of 4-9 year olds. New management cancels Animáček in January 2013.
  26. 26. TOP 10 SHOWS • TOP 10 most watched shows of TV Barrandov since the beginning of people meter measuring (June 1st, 2009 - June 1st, 2012) • 1. Největší hity Karla Svobody - 8,2% rat, 18,8% shr, 720 000 viewers • 2. Pravdivý příběh Ivety B - 6,8% rat, 15,5% shr, 601 000 viewers • 3. Pohádka svatojánské noci – 5,9 % rat, 11,8 % shr, 526 000 viewers • 4. Barrandovský videostop – 5,8 % rat, 14,9 % shr, 510 000 viewers • 5. Poklad na stříbrném jezeře – 5,5 % rat, 16,3 % shr, 489 000 viewers • 6. Čarovné dědictví – 5,4 % rat, 11 % shr, 480 000 viewers • 7. Vánoční polibek – 5,4 % rat, 11,8 % shr, 475 000 viewers • 8. Duše jako kaviár – 5,4% rat, 10,3% share, 473 000 viewers • 9. Vtip za 100 – 5,3% rat, 11,6% shr, 463 000 viewers • 10. Žena za pultem – 5,2 % rat, 12,2 % shr, 455 000 viewers