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Henkel Perlana All You Need

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By understanding the current scenario, the areas with potential and uncovered customers needs, we will develop a new product format: a bundle composed by 3 mini versions of colour specific detergents “Perlana Rinnova Bianco”, “Perlana Nero assoluto” and “Perlana Colori Brillanti”.

You can find the detailed description of the project clicking here:


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Henkel Perlana All You Need

  2. 2. Who knows this guy? Fritz Henkel - Henkel founder (1848-1930) Who has never used one of these products? 977 Milions of sales (2013) in Italy 1st Competitive position in these industries: adhesives, home care and laundry care The Company “We will outperform our competition as a globalized company with simplified operations and a highly inspired team!” What about their future? …not only profit! Less resources and less waste generated More social progress and better quality of life1400Employees in Italy
  3. 3. The Laundry Care Industry 97% -5% +5% of the household owns a Market slowdown (2013) 1,8 Bilions Total industry sales (2013) By category Companies shares …Very concentrated! Why?  Brand awareness is a strong barrier to entry;  High investments in communication are needed
  4. 4. Perlana Slogan 2008 20102014 Color specif detergents 2010 2011 2012 2013 3.5% 3.3% 3.1% 2.8% Perlana market share among laundry detergents brands 3,60€ 9,25 33,3 Average Perlana price Milions of secondary demand Milions of Perlana sales (2013 It is the leader in Fine Fabric Detergents 2nd 3rd 3rd Most important Henkel brand among laundry detergents after… &
  5. 5. Perlana current Weaknesses 1,5L Size is the smallest format LOWERUsage frequency 4,5 kg The minimum total weight of the 3 pdt PRICE DISPERSION Equal to.. TOO MANY DISCOUNTS Let’s do a survey… Q: Do you usually divide your laundry? Q: Do you buy a color specific detergent? Q: Why no? Main answer: «The size is too big for my needs» [quote The Customers]
  6. 6. Our solution A single format of 3 stacked- up mini bottles (500 ml each) of “Perlana Rinnova Bianco”, “Perlana Rinnova Colori” and “Perlana Rinnova Nero”. The packaging will be made of The target  The Strenghts: brand awareness, light format, high Henkel bargain power  The Weaknesses: Risk of cannibalization with the current formats, it can hardly attract her…
  7. 7. The strategy Henkel E-commerce; 4,49€ A premium price set with a value-based pricing The place Superette Supermarket Superette And experimentally… …Fashion stores! The price
  8. 8. The promotion Fashion Lottery Every customer can win1000 Benetton vouchers of € 20; Coupon20€ You can spend it in every Benetton store Targeted ads By using Facebook Power Editor, “Perlana a. y. n.” can reach the specific target of singles Free samples distributed during fashion related events (such as VFNO)
  9. 9. The budget Low Scenario High Scenario Market demand Laundry Industry 1.145.373.040,00€ 1.145.373.040,00€ Market share 0,056% 0,140% Sales Forecast PERLANA 641.408,90€ 1.603.522,26€ Price 4,50€ 4,50€ Forecasted items sold 142.535,31 356.338,28 Production Costs 267.310,01€ 668.275,03€ Gross Profit 374.098,89€ 935.247,22€ Marketing Expenditures 150.250,00€ 150.250,00€ NMC(Net Marketing Contribution) 223.848,89€ 784.997,22€ ROS/Return on Sales 35% 49% ROMI/Return On MKTG Investment 149% 522% We forecasted 2 possible scenarii : In the Low Scenario, the market share will increase by 2% of the actual Perlana market share; In the High Scenario, the market share will increase by 5% of the actual Perlana market share.
  10. 10. Thank you and…