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Homosexual adolescentsdraft

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Homosexual adolescentsdraft

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  3. 3. Question?What is homosexuality and sexual orientation?Is homosexuality in adolescents a problem?Who is most impacted by the problem?What is the cost of doing nothing?
  4. 4. DiscussionAre there treatments available?How affective are they or under what circumstances dothey work the best?What are some of the drawbacks to effective treatmentand are they accessible?Is the treatment stigmatized?
  5. 5. 5Homosexual Teens
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  7. 7. FactsMost experts agree that sexualorientation is set by earlychildhood age 4 or 5 years.In adolescence, identity becomessolidified in a sexual way.
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  11. 11. LGBT AdolescentsGrowing upSexual experimentationSociety’s AttitudeIsolation
  12. 12. GLBT Adolescents ExperienceAll adolescents pass through the same stages of biological and cognitive changes, but homosexuals face unique difficulties concerning social development Growing up in Heterosexual Families Parent as Role Models The Media
  13. 13. Forty-six percent of homosexual adolescents lose a friend after“coming out” to that friend with 80 percent of GLBT youthreporting experiencing social, emotional and cognitive isolationand 50 percent of national youth service organizations reportingno services or resources to educate or support GLBT youth andtheir peers.With 20 to 45 percent of GLBT youth experiencing verbal and/orphysical abuse as a result of their sexual orientation, gay,bisexual, transgender and lesbian youth are in constant fear ofphysical harm. 16
  14. 14. Social Welfare: A Search For Social Justice
  15. 15. New Cultural PhenomenonA generation who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender 13.1 years of age
  16. 16. SocializationAdolescents look to their peers for their intimacy and self- esteem needs.46% of homosexual adolescents80% of LGBT youth experience50% of the national youth20% to 45% of LGBT youth
  17. 17. Seize the momentBe HonestBe DirectConsider Your Teen’s Point of View
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  19. 19. That’s it!Homosexuality is the persistent sexual andemotional attraction to someone of the same sex!! Mystery Solved! 23