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Pannese industry track ectel2012

Presentation given at EC TEL 2012 at the industry track

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Pannese industry track ectel2012

  1. 1. Artificial Intelligence and Personalised Learning Lucia Pannese EC TEL, September 2012
  2. 2. WHEN I WAS AT SCHOOL….. no technology…..
  3. 3. WHEN I WAS AT SCHOOL….. ability to shape the learning experience to the student’s abilities and motivation
  4. 4. ADVENT OF TEL…..
  5. 5. DIGITALIZING CONTENTIMPROVING ON DEMAND • Learning productivity • Anytime • Consistency • AnywhereHUMAN BEING TECHNOLOGYPersonalization Standardization
  6. 6. TODAY….video games and immersive technologies
  7. 7. TODAY….• Videogames• Serious Games• Social Networks• Immersive environments• Artificial intelligence• Cloud computing• Crowd sourcing
  9. 9. http://lostintheecho.comConnect with your Facebook account…
  10. 10. http://lostintheecho.com
  11. 11. SECOND LIFE Virtual Worlds – personal avatar, location and activity tracking 24/7,Self-directed exploration, peer to peer support and collaborative learning Activity log, behaviour tracking
  12. 12. VIRTUAL CONTROL ROOMPhysical to virtual integration and visualisation and manipulation of real world data into collaborative learning
  13. 13. GUITAR HEROVideo games provide virtual “alter-ego”, adaptive game play, leader boards “head to head” competition, community building, used developed content
  14. 14. MIRROR PROJECTSerious Games – realistic virtual environments, explorationPersonal Learning history, user generated knowledge base
  15. 15. MIRROR PROJECTVirtual tutor intervention based on context
  16. 16. ImREAL PROJECT
  17. 17. ImREAL PROJECT
  18. 18. KEY MESSAGES TEL is adopting best practices from immersive technologies such as video games, virtual worlds and social networks E-portfolio will be based on a customisable personal avatar linked to activity logs, preferences and social networks Artificial intelligence, drawing on crowd sourcing, will use inferences to dynamically adapt the learning experience to the capabilities and motivations of the learner Companies will increasingly use games to recruit, assess and develop staff Learners will contribute their experiences directly or indirectly to generating and shaping knowledge Learning and development will be personalised from cradle to grave using technology to support interventions by learning coaches and mentors
  19. 19. Lucia PanneseCEO, imaginary srl www.i-maginary.itInnovation Network Politecnico di Milano @imaginary_italylucia.pannese@i-maginary.it FB: imaginarySkype: lueolli YouTube: imaginary srl@lpannesewww.mirror-project.eu Mirror @MirrorIPwww.imreal-project.eu ImREAL @ImREAL_project