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Origin of life

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Have you ever wondered how the first life form on earth came into existence?

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Origin of life

  1. 1. ORIGIN OF LIFE By- LovnishThakur Integrated Biotech 3rd sem Presented To- Dr. Pradeep Chaswal
  2. 2. Overview • Facts • Introduction • Big Bang Theory • Theories on Origin of Life on Earth • Conclusion
  3. 3. Did You Know?  The earth was formed around 4.5 billion years ago  It took ~500 million years for the crust to solidify  The oldest fossils of microorganisms are 3.5 billion years old  Oxygen began accumulating in the atmosphere about 2.7 billion years ago
  4. 4. Have you ever wondered how the first life form on earth came into existence?
  6. 6. According to this theory  It is assumed that in the beginning, whole energy of universe was concentrated at a point  Due to a huge explosion- this energy got distributed which formed the present day universe.
  7. 7. Theories on Origin of life  Theory of Creationism  Theory of Extraterrestrial Origin  Theory of Biochemical evolution
  8. 8. Creationism
  9. 9. Creationism • Life was put here, on Earth, by divine forces • This is based on faith, not fact • It relies on stories that have been passed down over the years • Cannot be proven scientifically
  10. 10. Extraterrestrial Origin This theory states that life originated on other planets outside of our solar system, and was carried here on a meteorite, asteroid or comets
  11. 11. Carl Sagan ‘Comets give and comets take away’
  12. 12. Biochemical evolution Life appeared after a period of chemical reactions According to physical and chemical laws
  13. 13. Conditions on early Earth No free oxygen (O2) Free hydrogen (H2) CH4, NH3 and H2O Energy for chemical reactions come from electric discharge in storms & solar energy
  14. 14. Miller and Urey in 1953 • Atmosphere above warmed sea water that contained H2O, H2, CH4, and NH3 • Electrodes that simulated lightning
  15. 15. Result After some days they obtained organic compounds like amino acids(Protein) that were collected in cooled water
  16. 16. Conclusion Most relevant theory regarding the origin of life is ‘Theory of Biochemical Evolution’ Because it is scientifically proven But none of these theories is 100% correct Research is still going on to unravel the mystery of Origin of life
  17. 17. Reference • www.livescience.com • www.springer.com • creation.com/origin of life • M.space.com/25126-big-bang-theory