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10 Steps to a Better Body Image

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Most people are so obsessed with being satisfactory in the eyes of other folks which they forget a v...

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10 Steps to a Better Body Image

  1. 1. 10 Steps to a Better Body Image Most people are so obsessed with being satisfactory in the eyes of other folks which they forget a very significant element of the equation: how they see themselves. The fact remains the fact that for those who have a bad body image then no amount of weight loss will help. That is, no matter what weight you are, you may continue to be sad with how you look. In the minute we're born, we are bombarded with pictures of the perfect woman. My first intro to this was at the tender age of three after I had been playing dress up Barbie with my brother. (Yes, my brother...go figure). From that moment http://www.bodybuilding.net/ onwards it never occurred to me that I wouldn't grow up with legs that reached the skies, full breasts along with a small bum. How you see yourself has a fantastic effect on your happiness. So here are my top 10 tips for beating the body image blues: ONE: Throw Away Glossy Magazines Lustrous dieting Magazines are doctored, transformed and airbrushed. The images of girls you see in these magazines usually are not actual; yet when we look at them we can be sucked to the false picture of beauty that NOBODY (not even the models that pose for all these mag) can live up to. Do yourself a favour and will not buy to the madness. TWO: Put Away Your Scales While the toilet scales can offer you a good indication of how your weight loss is coming along, they are able to also be a source of depression and stress. If your self esteem is based upon the number on the scales then try putting them away and taking them outside just once every two weeks. You'll discover your anxiety levels drop dramatically. THREE: Cut Down Mirror-Checking
  2. 2. You may be taken aback at the total amount of time you may spend obsessing over your refection. Produce a conscious effort to cut back on your mirror checking and you'll rapidly boost your body image. FOUR: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others Comparing yourself to others is every bit as futile as worrying about getting elderly or dying. Regardless of how much weight you lose, just how much surgery you might have or how much make- up you wear, there will always be somebody younger, prettier, skinnier and much more successful. That is unavoidable, so why let it get to you? Focus on who you are as a person instead. FIVE: Don't See Music Videos Music videos nearly always packed with lovely young girls whose images are doctored to represent the mass-media message that youth rules supreme. Don't buy into this! You are an intelligent valid human being who deserves to be joyful and successful irrespective of what you look dieting like. SIX: Embrace Your Personal Special-Ness On that point of validity, let me say this: There could be many people who will do what you do but nobody and I mean NOBODY can do it quite as if you. You are a unique, special human being who has something that no one else with this planet can offer; your own specialness. It is time to embrace yourself. SEVEN: What can you do best? What makes you stand out in the group? Take time to reflect on this and as you do you will release that you're so a whole lot more than your physical body. EIGHT: Consider Death Yeah I understand this one sounds strange; but we actually don't touch on this topic much in Western society. The reality is, you might not be here tomorrow. Now I'm not suggesting that you simply truly possess a brush with death. I'm suggesting that you think just like a Buddhist and recognise how precious a human life is. As you do this, you may become less self-focused and less body-obsessed. NINE: Be Glad Jot down all the good things you've got in your lifetime. I'm wagering very few of these have anything related to how you appear. Life is multidimensional, so focus on the things you adore about your life and you may draw even more wonderful things to you. TEN: Take some Time to Relax There is nothing like daily meditation to bring balance in your daily life. As you learn to relax you will discover the things that used to trouble you will no more be important. A balanced head is extremely important in creating a good body image. So take time every day to relax, unwind and leave the troubles of the world behind you. Anything you believe weight loss will provide you with bring more of that quality in your own life
  3. 3. right now. So for instance, in case you believe losing weight will help you to recognize yourself more, then work on accepting yourself right now. As you learn to accept yourself as you are right now, ironically you may lose weight more easily than ever.