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Orange - GPU Call Slides

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A deck for the conference call on GPUs disrupting the database market

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Orange - GPU Call Slides

  1. 1. confidential FranceTélécom Group GPUs Disrupting the Enterprise Databases Orange, Silicon Valley Strategy and Development Group
  2. 2.  A problem is embarrassingly parallel if – Task can be decomposed to smaller pieces – There is minimal dependency between tasks – Speed of execution increases linearly with number of processing units  Evolution of computing – Large Symmetric Multi Processor to GRID Computing (90% cost savings) – CPU reaches bottleneck for computing 2 Infinite Parallelism
  3. 3. GPUs Advantages in a Nutshell • Big Data : many cores of GPU can do the same job as many CPUs • Aggressive data crunching • Extreme scalability • Cloud service scalability
  4. 4. 4 confidential FranceTélécom Group Data Is Growing WorldWide IP Traffic Growth
  5. 5. Problem Statement - Massive Data Store - Multi Dimensional Queries - 4-9 Billion CDR - Reduce execution time - Reduce TCO Current Data Processing Challenges IP CDR IPTV VoD Fixed Multi Media
  6. 6.  Q2 – Map load on the network by hour, total call, minutes  Q3 – Map by hour and call type, break down for the load on the network by call type. Sms, data, voice  Q4 – Map load on the network in specific time  Q5 - Map load on the network in specific time and specific service: voice, sms, data Query Run Time 300 Million CDRs
  7. 7. Multi Media Reporting – IP Traffic Analysis on anonymized IP CDR from Orange France  Data coming from MMT are monthly received on MMDM server  Data are processed for a dynamic reporting application  Challenges: – Require massive investment in Hardware DW system – Require have manual process for optimizing the software 9 60 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 SQ Oracle Timeinminutes Loading Time 300M CDRs 7
  8. 8. 10 X Growth in GPU Computing 8 Source NVidia Corp