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LOUIS: A Model for Consortial Collaboration

Presented by The LOUIS Team
LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network is a model of collaboration at both the state and national level. The collaborative effort between LALINC governance, staff at consortium member libraries and the LOUIS central staff, combined with the negotiating power of a 50 member consortium, have made LOUIS an innovative and effective leader in centrally-supported consortium management for over 20 years. Join the entire LOUIS staff as they describe the type of work that goes into supporting over 50 separate institutions from an administrative to technical level.

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LOUIS: A Model for Consortial Collaboration

  1. 1. Louisiana Library Association Conference March 26, 2015
  2. 2. Today’s LOUIS Update….. Proudly presented by the 5 of 8 LOUIS Team members: Sara Zimmerman Marcy Stevens Lisa Stigall Zehra Zamin Jaime Barrilleaux
  3. 3. Administration of Initiatives
  4. 4. LOUIS is responsible for 3 main Initiatives • Library Services Platform (LSP) = Integrated Library System (ILS: SirsiDynix Symphony) + Discovery (EBSCO EDS) + other pieces • Electronic Resources (Consortia and Mini) • Interlibrary Loan System (OCLC Atlas ILLiad)
  5. 5. BatonRougeCommunityCollege BossierParishCommunityCollege CentralLATechCommunityCollege DelgadoCommunityCollege GramblingStateUniversity LEFletcherCommunityCollege LouisianaDeltaCommunityCollege LouisianaStateUniversity LouisianaStateUniversity-CES LouisianaStateUniversityatAlexandria LouisianaStateUniversityatEunice LouisianaStateUniversityLawCenter LouisianaStateUniversityinShreveport LouisianaTechUniversity LUMCON McNeeseStateUniversity NichollsStateUniversity NorthshoreTechnicalCommunityCollege NorthwesternLouisianaUniversity NunezCommunityCollege RiverParishesCommunityCollege SouthLouisianaCommunityCollege SoutheasternLouisianaUniversity SouthernUniversity SouthernUniversityLawCenter SouthernUniversityinNewOrleans SouthernUniversityinShreveport/Bossier SowelaCommunityCollege UniversityofLouisianainLafayette UniversityofLouisianainMonroe UniversityofNewOrleans LSUHealthSciencesCenter-NO(75%) LSUHealthSciencesCenter-Shrev(25%) Pennington CentenaryCollegeofLouisiana DillardUniversity LouisianaCollege LoyolaUniversityNewOrleans OurLadyofHolyCrossCollege OurLadyoftheLakeCollege SaintJosephSeminaryCollege TulaneUniversity XavierUniversity TulaneLaw NewOrleansBaptistTheologicalSeminary StateLibrary StateMuseum HistoricNOCollection Training Webpage Data Loads EDS Listserves FootPrints LUC Digital Library EZProxy Mini Resources Electronic Resources AtoZ Support ILL Support Gov Doc EDS Support Backups Hotsite Symphony Support Services Necessary to Support 3 Initiatives
  6. 6. LOUIS Staff Years of Experience 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Years exp 191+ Years w LOUIS 125+
  7. 7. LOUIS Budget & Savings $4,085,971 $3,167,292 $3,674,384 $3,949,184 $4,089,271 $4,145,641 $14,324,364 $16,021,872 $20,686,692 $20,907,420 $21,534,642 $22,180,681 $0 $5,000,000 $10,000,000 $15,000,000 $20,000,000 $25,000,000 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 LOUIS Budget Cost Savings
  8. 8. LOUIS Funding $0 $500,000 $1,000,000 $1,500,000 $2,000,000 $2,500,000 $3,000,000 $3,500,000 $4,000,000 $4,500,000 66/34 16/84 27/73 13/87 12/88 20/80 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 Member $$ Regent $$
  9. 9. 65% 26% 8% 1% LOUIS Time 13-14 ILS & Discovery E-Resource ILL Digital Library 30% 67% 3% 0% LOUIS Budget 14-15 ILS & Discovery E-Resources ILL Digital Library Budget vs Time
  10. 10. Library Services Platform (LSP) for LOUIS
  11. 11. History • 1990-1995: Automated academic libraries on NOTIS • 1997: LLN Technology Committee led efforts to find a replacement for the NOTIS LMS by investigating next generation Integrated Library Systems (ILS) through literature reviews, vendor demos, surveys, an RFP and site visits • Jul 2001: $4M funded by Louisiana Board of Regents to license and implement Sirsi Unicorn ILS • Jul 2001 - Aug 2002: Phase 1 -3 sites migrated from NOTIS to Unicorn • Jul 2003 - Jun 2004: Phase 4 sites implemented on Unicorn • Aug 2007 - SirsiDynix Unicorn rebranded as SirsiDynix Symphony • Oct 2009: Executed a 5-year contract with SirsiDynix for Symphony • Jun 2013 - Oct 2014: 4 new sites added to Symphony • Oct 2014: LOUIS locally hosts and supports the Symphony ILS for 34 Louisiana college and university member libraries • Sept 2014: SirsiDynix 5-year contract expiring and next gen ILS buzz
  12. 12. Next Generation Despite Our Challenges?
  13. 13. • Needs of member libraries and their users • Shrinking library budgets and staff • Plethora of next generation ILS systems and current ILS maintenance costs • Strategic Partnerships – SD BLUEcloud Campus and EBSCO Suite • Institutional knowledge of Symphony continues to grow as LOUIS staff regularly collaborates on tasks and projects, i.e. LOUIS weekly team meetings • Current hardware, database platform, and operating system infrastructure • Input from SirsiDynix, LSU IT support staff, Sys Admins, COSUGI, and ICOLC Evaluate the Current Landscape
  14. 14. Do we need the latest & greatest to meet our needs?
  15. 15. LOUIS Library Services Platform (LSP) • SD BLUEcloud Campus: Next-generation suite of tools using modern architecture and Web Services - BC Cataloging, BC Circulation, BC Acquisitions, BC Serials, BC Analytics, BC PAC, BookMyne and Universal Admin, etc. • EBSCO Suite: EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), EBSCOadmin, Full Text Finder • EDS integration with e-Library, i.e. patron functionality and reserves • Auto-harvesting Symphony bibliographic, holdings and policy data for EDS in place of custom scripts • ILLiad for Interlibrary Loan • Custom processes with Symphony Web Services
  16. 16. LOUIS Delivers ILS Services
  17. 17. • Customer support (your helpdesk) – Quick yet thorough work on your problems and questions – LOUIS staff are people your system admin knows – LOUIS staff have abundant direct experience with Symphony • Under the hood – Hardware, operating system, webserver (Apache), backups, security – We work with the UNIX and hardware experts at LSU/ITS • Upgrades & Service Packs — Read and summarize release notes — System Admins vote yes or no — Scheduled with your input — Work with SirsiDynix to assure successful & speedy updates (less downtime) LOUIS delivers ILS services
  18. 18. LOUIS is “plugged in” • LOUIS works with SirsiDynix – Strategic Partnership Program & BETA Testing – New Symphony versions – New products: MobileCirc, BLUEcloud – Product Managers – Sales, Legal/Contracts (cost negotiations save $$$) – Customer Support • Active in COSUGI (user group) – Another way to influence the vendor – Our fellow customers are resources too
  19. 19. LOUIS is your ILS consulting team • E-Library (OPAC) – “Forgot my PIN” – Colors & logos that to match campus web site • Record loads – A-to-Z, Gov Docs, patron loads • Business intelligence – Monthly & annual stats – Break down data by call number ranges – Reports for acq, circ, bib data, easily opened in Excel
  20. 20. LOUIS is your ILS consulting team • Record editing – Call number updates, user ID switches, EZproxy URL prefixes • Campus integration – Banner patron loads, circ bill exports, invoice payments • Fast fixes – DISCARD report gone wrong, deleted the wrong records, record load gone wrong
  21. 21. LOUIS is your ILS consulting team • If you can describe it, we can probably do it – Record loads – Edit data – Custom reports – Within reason • Bear in mind, consulting work is generally billable – SirsiDynix charges $300 per hour! – No separate charge with LOUIS
  22. 22. Backups, Disaster Recovery and Securing Your Data
  23. 23.  Formal disaster plan in place  Conducted every other year  Hotsite server located at LaTech  Minimal downtime during the switch over
  24. 24. Online Catalog and Secure Browsing  Autonomous, unique, and configurable  Individual customizations can be site controlled or changed on the server side  Over 200 custom e-Library pages  SSL certificates ensures patron’s private data is protected
  25. 25. 9 21 4 0 5 10 15 20 25 OCLC hosts EZproxy Site hosts own EZproxy LOUIS hosts EZproxy Who Runs Your Site's EZproxy Server OCLC hosts EZproxy Site hosts own EZproxy LOUIS hosts EZproxy
  26. 26. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Electronic Resources ILLiad SirsiDynix Number of FootPrintsUserIDs per Initiative
  27. 27. 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 Acquisitions AtoZ Authorities Cataloging Circulation e-Library EDS Electronic… EZproxy General GovDocs ILLiad Learningwith… LinkSource Listservs LOUISBasics LOUISDecisions LOUISDigital… LOUISStaffInfo MobileCirc OPAC Printing Reports Serials Servers SirsiDynixMentor SmartPort SSH Start-up UNIX Upgrades WebServices Website WorkFlows Z39.50 Number of KnowledgeBase Documentsby Category
  28. 28. Advocate A person who supports, recommends, or speaks in favor of something, esp. a proposal or doctrine.
  29. 29. LOUIS is Your User Advocate • EBSCO Discovery Service – EDS – LOUIS scripts to extract and send catalog data • Add, updates and deletes sent daily • Full catalog rebuilds sent once a month • Location and library policy changes sent as needed – Enhancements • Work with EBSCO on enhancement requests – Example: ER #63220 #94236 Ability to Limit to Printed Books vs eBooks within EDS
  30. 30. LOUIS is Your User Advocate • EBSCO Discovery Service – Future plans – SirsiDynix and EBSCO partnership - working together to seamlessly link the two products – Full Text Finder (FTF) – AtoZ merge with EBSCOhost • Publication Searching with auto-complete • Holdings Management Tools • Link Management & Resolver • Features will appear in EBSCOhost and EDS • Summer 2015
  31. 31. LOUIS is Your Staff Advocate • Public Service Assistance – Symphony Circulation Issues and User Loads • LCTCS Patron Record Project – Resource IP management and access • LOUIS updates vendors and is your access helpdesk – EZproxy configuration assistance • Assist all sites with EZproxy questions – not just the sites that use the LOUIS EZproxy server
  32. 32. LOUIS is Your Staff Advocate • Technical Service – EBSCO AtoZ Records loads • Monthly Load of LOUIS Marc Record File • Monthly Remove of non-updated records • Latest LOUIS file contained 67,252 records – Bibload Management Service • Load and Remove records for your site
  33. 33. LOUIS is Your Staff Advocate • List Monitoring – LOUIS team subscribe to multiple listservs in order to monitor our vendor relationship and forward pertinent information including: – Content updates – Training opportunities – Interface changes – Enhancements – Downtime
  34. 34. Negotiations
  35. 35. LOUIS NEGOTIATES ON YOUR BEHALF Strive for ‘big bang for your bucks’!  Focus on negotiating prices for: • LOUIS electronic resources subscriptions • Mini-consortia subscriptions • Government documents • ILLiad • EZproxy for authentication • SirsiDynix suite of products • EBSCO suite of products  No fees tacked on … what the vendor provides, we send to you!
  36. 36. Negotiate with …. LOUIS electronic resources: 11 vendors Mini-consortia: 15 vendors Other products: 7 vendors American Library Association American Mathematical Society Annual Reviews Atlas Bomgar Chemical Abstracts Service Chronicle Credo Ebsco Elsevier Gale IEEE JSTOR Learning Express Marcive New York Times OCLC Readex/Newsback RegOnline Sage SirsiDynix Springer Springshare Thomson Reuters
  37. 37. LOUIS negotiated savings for electronic resources Total LOUIS subscriptions: 13 Resources: 82 Market price: $7,052,773 LOUIS price: $2,795,427 Total savings: $4,257,346
  38. 38. Mini-consortia growth 2001-2014 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 Mini-consortia growth Mini-consortia growth
  39. 39. LOUIS negotiated savings for Mini-consortia Total mini-consortia: 31 Market price: $7,081,531 LOUIS price: $2,037,761 Total savings: $5,043,770
  40. 40. Go beyond negotiating …. make it accessible!  Make the data available to patrons: • Get MARC records for: Databases, Government documents • Ensure authentication: EZproxy configuration, IP addresses • Load the bibliographic files: - Vendor files - AtoZ MARC files (LOUIS databases / Library licensed dbs) - Government documents files  LOUIS is always available to load the files for your library  Is it being used? … Usage statistics • Usage Consolidation (Ebsco) • Vendor statistics
  41. 41. ILLiad At Your Library Interlibrary Lending Automation A Comic by Adam C Viator
  42. 42. 1498% increase over 10 Years
  43. 43. Benefits of ILLiad • LOUIS-assisted troubleshooting and customization • Inexpensive • Intuitive interface • Automation saves staff time • What would your ILL look like without it?
  44. 44. LOUIS Facilitates Collaboration Bomgar – Site Visits – Site-to-Site – Boot Camps – Sharing Sessions – Meetings
  45. 45. Bomgar • Issue: Immediate assistance on time crucial issues • Scope: Narrow; typically one topic where time is critical • Example: ILLiad Client will not open after upgrade • Location: Remote screen sharing where LOUIS Team Member can view or control Library Staff computers • Who Attends: Any Library Staff, filtered through LOUIS Contact • Statistics: 19 remote-sharing sessions
  46. 46. Site Visits • Issue: Non-immediate assistance • Scope: Narrowish; deep exploration of multiple topics chosen by Library Staff • Example: Cannot figure out how to get a particular statistics report to run, while you’re coming let’s talk about Serials Control Records • Location: Face-to-face troubleshooting where LOUIS Team Member(s) come to Library’s Staff’s home library • Who Attends: Any Library Staff who have a topic to discuss • Statistics: 15 site visits in 2013-14, 6 since July
  47. 47. Boot Camps • Issue: Non-immediate overview or training on a few topics • Scope: Broad; training on or overview of multiple topics chosen by Library Staff compiled into agenda by LOUIS Team; can be group or individual sessions • Example: I’d like an overview of the Circulation Map and a better understanding of report selection criteria • Location: Central location for group, Library Staff’s home library for individual • Who Attends: Typically Sys Admins for group but individual boot camps are open to any Library Staff who has a topic they’d like to better understand • Statistics: 2 group in 2012-13, 1 individual in 2014
  48. 48. Sharing Sessions • Issue: Non-immediate insight into how other sites are handling a certain topic, interaction between LOUIS Member Libraries and moderated by LOUIS Team Member • Scope: Broad; topics chosen by attending Library Staff and arranged into an agenda by the LOUIS Team • Example: I wonder who has set up direct request in ILLiad, I wonder who plans to convert records to RDA • Location: Central Location in the North and South of the state at volunteer host libraries, LOUIS pays travel for Conference Attendee presenters • Who Attends: Any Library Staff member using ILLiad and/or Symphony • Statistics: 2 ILLiad and 2 Symphony Sharing Sessions held each year
  49. 49. Site-to-Site Collaboration • Issue: Immediate or non-immediate issue which another LOUIS Library Member has greater expertise than LOUIS Team Member • Scope: Narrow; topic where insight from staff at another LOUIS Library is more efficient than working with the LOUIS Team or a group of LOUIS Members • Example: I’d like to get started using custom Widgets in EDS and another site has already succeeded in that task • Location: LOUIS-facilitated remote sharing or Library Staff travelling to another Library with LOUIS paying travel expenses • Who Attends: LOUIS Contact to LOUIS Contact
  50. 50. Meetings • Issue: Non-immediate updates as chosen by LOUIS Team and/or supplied by attending Library Staff • Scope: Broad; topics that cover the entire scope of LOUIS Consortium activities: Narrow; topics that require LOUIS Team input for issues that effect a large number of sites • Example: LALINC Meetings, Bi-annual Sys Admin Meetings, LCTCS Patron Load Meetings • Location: Central location at volunteer host libraries and/or rented venues • Who Attends: LOUIS Contacts from various groups
  51. 51. Outreach & Communications
  52. 52. Learning with LOUIS Teaching, learning, and sharing webinar program facilitated by LOUIS Launched March 2013 20 webinars to date 586 participants 4 scheduled - November, January, February, & May Recordings can be access via our website & Knowledge Base Open call for presentations & suggestions
  53. 53. Subscription began October 2013 Started with 5 IDs; increased to 8 IDs in spring 2014 28 checkouts; 19 sites: BPCC Centenary Delgado Delta LATECH LOUIS LSU McNeese Nicholls NTCC OLHCC OLOL SLCC SOWELA SUNO ULL ULM UNO Xavier Over 145 courses accessed to date Renewing October 1st SirsiDynix Mentor
  54. 54. Vendor Trainings LOUIS helps facilitate vendor-led trainings based on needs identified by member libraries & vendors Webinars Face-to-face Current products & services New products, services, & technologies In 2014, LOUIS facilitated 179 vendor-led trainings
  55. 55. LOUIS has hosted a users’ conference every year since 1992 Purpose is bring our partners together to communicate & collaborate Two-day conference each fall Sessions support the Library Services Platform Presenters include librarians and staff from member libraries & partnering vendors LOUIS Users Conference
  56. 56. Community Outreach LLA Academic Section Meet and Greet LLA Legislature Day Louisiana Book Festival Open Houses “In addition to providing needed service to community members, community outreach programs…provide a unique opportunity to improve public image within a service community and offers excellent collaboration opportunities with community leaders, groups and organizations that will enhance overall…service.” – Lisa Livesay, Carole Petro, and Starla Yelm
  57. 57. Discussion Lists 39 8 55 315 50 131 87 77 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 No. of Subscribers Manage 8 lists Primary source of communication Discussion List Webpage Web Interface
  58. 58. LOUIS Solution Center Under Resources & in Quick Links Details LOUIS support services & applications Statistics Under Resources & in Quick Links ILS statistics; information about DL & ER statistics (stats prior to 2013 available) Public Relations Under Resources Promotional publications & tools; LOUIS logos LOUISLibraries.org LALINC Under Governance About page, publications, member lists Task Forces & Interest Groups Under Governance About pages, publications, member lists LOUIS @ myLibrary Under Resources & in Quick Links Built with student community in mind Search menus, participation reports, webpage shortcuts “Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”― Paul Cookson
  59. 59. Expanded social media presence by recommendation of the LALINC Communication Task Force LOUIS in Social Media “Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr provide an unparalleled ability for people to stay connected in new and unique ways.” -Michael Bennet
  60. 60. Questions?
  61. 61. • Business Plan in the works using LUMA Consulting • 2013-2016 Strategic Plan October 2014 Report is distributed • 6 active Task Forces • 2 new initiatives – Automation of LALINC card (Resource Sharing TF) – Evaluation of SD platforms (future needs/options) What else is going on?

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    Dec. 1, 2017

Presented by The LOUIS Team LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network is a model of collaboration at both the state and national level. The collaborative effort between LALINC governance, staff at consortium member libraries and the LOUIS central staff, combined with the negotiating power of a 50 member consortium, have made LOUIS an innovative and effective leader in centrally-supported consortium management for over 20 years. Join the entire LOUIS staff as they describe the type of work that goes into supporting over 50 separate institutions from an administrative to technical level.


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