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Representation of age

Representation of age.

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Representation of age

  1. 1. Representation of Age Our chosen area of representation is age. The reasoning for this is because there are a lot of links to age and how different ages are represented. Stereotype The teenagers live up to their stereotype in the first few scenes as they are seen under the influence of drugs and being anti-social. Teenagers these days are often associated with bad behaviour and having little respect. Binary Opposites There are two apparent binary opposites in Glue. The first one is adults and kids. So far no other categories of age have been introduced into the series so this is the only binary opposite of age. However there is another binary opposite of Police and gypsies however this is not linked to our area of age. Camera Shots One of the most impressive camera shots is the slow motion used when Cal and Tina jump into the grain. It adds to the fact that they are on drugs and engrosses you in the action as if you were there. By Ryan Cooper, Camen Green, Joe Loomes and Louis Hopkins
  2. 2. Character Analysis – Rob Kendle Rob, 18, is a the joker in the group. He represents the stereotypical teenager as he doesn’t have a job, he does drugs and is not bothered about the fact that he is now an adult. Also, his relationship with Tina doesn’t seem to mean much to him as he is caught on tape having sex with another girl. He is ‘more socially at ease’ than most and knows how to throw a party. Tina Fallon Info: Tina loves horses and wants to be the first female jockey to win the Derby. A local girl, she's been in trouble with the law before. And she'll get in trouble with the law again. Tina is unconventional, dangerous and dating Rob. Analysis: Tine is a rebellious teenager living in the countryside of Berkshire, her mum is quite poor and her dad died when she was younger. She has a habit with drugs and can easily get into trouble and misguide others around her.
  3. 3. Ruth Rosen She is a mixed-race provisional Police Constable. She and her Romany mum are estranged from the travelling community, but that doesn’t stop Ruth. Not much does. Not being a young single mum, or the fact that she lives in the same village as a group of friends who no longer talk to her. She’s made of stronger stuff, or at least she thinks she is. Although Ruth is a younger character, she, unlike the other younger characters, has responsibilities and seems to take an older minded approach to situations. Eli Bray Eli was given the responsibility of bringing up his younger brother Caleb due to his father being in jail and his mother being dead. Age is represented in a positive way through Eli’s character because he represents the idea that despite being young (23) he can take responsibility of his younger brother and do his best to bring him up. Caleb (14) was taken into care which helps Eli as he is said to come out a ‘very different boy’ and as far as Eli is concerned, blood always comes first so he will always look out for Caleb. Where age is concerned Eli is the oldest of the group and therefore is looked up to as an older brother figure, he is sometimes teased for being miserable by the rest of the group but he fits in despite being slightly older than the rest of them.