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Nature photograhpy!

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By Jordyn and Lauren

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Nature photograhpy!

  2. 2. USE OF NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY This type of photography is the capturing of beautiful and extraordinary images that can be found in the wildlife. It mainly consists of Plants, Insects and sometimes even includes the wildlife, depending on the chosen scenery. There are a couple different types of photography used when capturing images of nature. Some of those being; • LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY- This is mainly used when trying to pinpoint the natural beauty that is in that certain location. • WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY- This is when the photographer focus’ primarily on animals that life out in the wild. They tend to spend hours-on-end in the wildness aiming for the most incredible shots. • UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY- This is used to expose the raw beauty that lives just beneath us, almost just out of our line of sight. Working with this type is challenging as you’re out of you’re comfort zone. It’s hard to capture a breathtaking photo is you don’t go underwater and see it first hand. • SEASCAPE – When the photography focus’ on the seafront. All their images revolve around what can be found on a beach normally. • CLOUDSCAPE – Photo’s are taken of clouds. These are more than likely taken in black and white as it give the images a more appealing and standout-ish affect. The main focus of a Naturalistic photographer is to capture beautiful images of nature itself. It is most common to photograph wild animals, plants and flowers in their natural environment. Other forms of this photography include celestial bodies –Meaning the Sun, Moon and Stars; Insects and arachnids; and underwater creatures.
  3. 3. PHOTOGRAPHER SPECIALIZING IN NATURALISTIC IMAGING. • JIM BRANDENBURG – He’s travelled the world photography anything that caught his attention, but he main achievement was working for the ‘National Geographic Magazine’ for over 30years. He’s also managed to get his work published in several national and international publications, including ‘The New York Times,’ ‘Life,’ ‘Time,’ ‘Audubon,’ ‘Smithsonian,’ ‘Natural History,’ ‘Geo,’ ‘Modern Maturity,’ ‘ BBC Wildlife,’ ‘Outdoor photographer,’ ‘National Wildlife,’ and ‘Outside.’ • MICHEAL NICK NICHOLAS – An award-winning photographer, who has travelled all over the globe with his work. He was a staff photographer for the ‘National Geographic’ magazine in 1996 and was then announced editor-at large in January 2008. In 1982 – 1995 he was apart of the ‘magnum photos’ a company founded by Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa. • ANDY ROUSE – He is most well known for his ability to capture images from different view points and for his trade-mark stance. His work had been published within 15 of his own books –covering all forms of nature like, species, ecosystems and photographic technique. He won 9 awards over the last 7 years for BBC wildlife Photographer of the year competition and the Gerald Durrell award fro Endangered Species. He is the current holder of the Cherry Kearton award for wildlife photgraphy from the Royal Geographical Society.
  4. 4. JIM BRANDENBURG PHOTOGRAPHY Pond Reflection Calypso Ochid Aurora Borealis Moose Lake II
  5. 5. JIM BRANDENBURG Jim Brandenburg’s work has a mixture of edited photographs and natural ones. The photograph, ‘Pond Reflection’ in our opinion is edited. The colouring of both the pond and the reflections with in it all seem to have been enhanced. The colouring is more prominent that it would be in real life, giving it that edited look. He’s main focus In the image Is the long grass and he’s managed to blur out the background slightly, that alone give the grass a more realistic look to it, the detail is more noticable. The editing of the image works well because it give the image character along with vibrant colours that easily draw attention to the piece.
  6. 6. MICHAEL NICK NICHOLAS PHOTOGRAPHY Eye To Eye The Short Happy Life of A Serengeti Lion King Of The Hill