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Institution Research

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Institution Research

  1. 1. Institutional ResearchWhat is a film distributor? A film distributor is a company or individual responsiblefor releasing films to the public either through the cinema or for home viewing(DVD). A distributor may do this directly (if the distributor owns the theatres orfilm distribution networks) or through theatrical exhibitors and other sub-distributors.
  2. 2. Independent British Film CompaniesLeft FilmsLeft Film Distribution is releasing excitingindependent genre movies for UK film fans. Theyare a dynamic forward looking film distributorcompany who are passionate about films and filmmaking. They work on UK film distribution of newindependent movies in cinema, on DVD, and fordownload. Many of their film are in the horror, sci-fi, action and comedy genre.Left films will be appropriate for us because theyare particularly interesting in horror/sci-fi filmswhich is the genre of our movie.Also most of their movies are aimed at a specificaudience of 15 and above young adults/teenagerswhich is the set target audience of our film‘feedback’.
  3. 3. Vertigo Films is a British film production andfilm distribution company based inLondon, England. They distribute commerciallydriven independent cinema. They wereextremely successful in 2010 with Europe’s first3D live action movie – Street dance 3D whichentered the UK’s number 1 box office beatingthe likes of other big competitors such asDisney.It was founded in 2002 by:Co-Founder James RichardsonCo-Founder Allan NibloCo-Founder Nick LoveManaging Director Rupert PrestonVertigo Films is a extremely successful UK filmdistributing company which distribute a varietyof genres of films, we feel it is suitable for us asindependent film-makers as a similar sci-fi/thriller movie called Monsters was producedand distributed by Vertigo Films and that wenton to doing really well in UK and across the