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Why Silicon Valley kicks Europe's butt

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I love Europe and I created 7 years ago LeWeb with my wife Geraldine to help european entrepreneurs get more competitive, but Pablo Larguia and Jose-Maria Figueres invited me to keynote La Red Innova on the reasons why Silicon Valley is ahead.

I wanted to be honest and share a few reasons why I think Silicon Valley wins, some are easy to fix, others much more complicated.

I think the most important one is what goal you set for yourself. If your goal is to dominate Madrid or Paris in your niche, you might just succeed, but if you set yourself such a local goal, there is low chance you’re actually going to build a global success and be the best in the world at what you do.

It’s the key, most people I know in Silicon Valley dream about building a world leader, not a local leader, it’s a question of attitude, and THAT is easy to change. Think more in english and more global, you might be able to achieve your dreams, but they have to be the right dreams.

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Why Silicon Valley kicks Europe's butt

  1. Why Silicon Valley kicks Europe’s butt (and what you can do about it) @loic Madrid, La Red Innova, June 2010
  2. Hi I’m @loic founder of popular social networking app Seesmic and #1 Internet event in Europe LeWeb.net
  3. I love Europe. But you won’t like my presentation. It’s all positive and honest though.
  4. The main reason why Silicon Valley wins is how much time we take for lunch
  5. Silicon Valley is all in one place: best internet companies and never seen as that many bright people concentrated
  6. It feels like a campus
  7. Business happens 24/7 even when you don’t expect it
  8. There is more seed funding and VCs
  9. Social environment is very flexible (hire fast in growth cycle, fire fast in recession)
  10. “ How can I help” attitude
  11. Easy to get an appointment and meet pretty much anyone
  12. People tend to trust you by default if you say you can do it
  13. Diversity is actually higher than in Europe with so many immigrants in Silicon Valley
  14. Key tech bloggers and press care much more if you’re a Silicon Valley company #fact #toughtochange
  15. European entrepreneurs wake up to dominate their city or country first, not the World
  16. In Europe, too much copying US stuff (Foursquare latest example), they could not do that in Silicon Valley
  17. Tend to hire locally: only french, spanish, german teams => more difficult to go global
  18. Think in english by default is challenging
  19. You guys can fix it. Go ahead and kick ass like Vente-Privee or Meetic
  20. Find a niche, innovate, aim at being the world leader of something, not local leader
  21. Focus on execution, the idea doesn’t matter that much
  22. Gather an initial (global) community of users and iterate like crazy based on feedback
  23. With social networking it’s become really much easier, you can do it, believe in yourself
  24. Stay in touch? Twitter.com/loic Facebook.com/loic Loic at seesmic dot com Loiclemeur.com