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Using facebook live for business

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I have had amazing success using Facebook Live for my business. Sharing how I build my new startup Leade.rs and getting thousands to follow thanks to Facebook Live. Live every day at http://facebook.com/loic

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Using facebook live for business

  1. Facebook Live + Business
  2. Instantaneous Feedback Anytime + Anywhere
  3. Sharing how I build my new startup Leade.rs One video a day at 11:30am PST at facebook.com/loic One theme per day Sharing and learning about competition, email marketing, logo design and choice, apps for productivity management, etc. 30 mins to one hour
  4. Results A room full of 300-400 people pretty much anytime 2500 to 113,000 views per video ½ million views after about a month More views and engagement than most “static” videos 170,000 “likes” on facebook.com/loic and growing at 1,000 a day
  5. 1,000 recurring participants in a Facebook group loic.live
  6. Even topics are chosen by the community members
  7. Weird Stuff Live while paragliding Live while walking into SXSW Live while driving to a meeting
  8. Sharing my meetings with great people Reid Hoffman LinkedIn inventor
  9. Product Hunt Ryan Hoover 8k live!
  10. Opening Silicon Valley to anyone through Startup office tours
  11. Why do people join? - everyone learns in the process - exchange of ideas, networking - they feel part of the team, as if they were the room - they participate in the process of building a startup
  12. Asked for an assistant and help and Alice shows up
  13. Worldwide Reach
  14. Many friends started using it for business. You should do it too! Leila Janah Gary Vaynerchuk Tim Ferris Steve Case Robert Scoble
  15. Even corporate leaders start using Facebook live Marcelo Claure (CEO of Sprint) Beth Comstock (Vice Chairman of GE)
  16. Tips Use Quality Audio Same hour every day It makes it a “rendez-vous” that people can expect It’s a real commitment but results are worth it
  17. The Future: A live event Speakers all around the world
  18. Ideas for the future -interviews of the audience itself that can be brought (in video) into the live show -paid lives for some talks or private lives
  19. Facebook Live is made for virtual reality
  20. Thank you! Join us daily at 11h30 PST on Facebook.com/loic Loic @leade.rs