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Social and digital trends

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Video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l748KCZWEpI

An extended version of a World Economic Forum talk in Davos about digital trends by Loic Le Meur CEO of Seesmic. Follow loic on Twitter @loic and facebook.com/loic

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Social and digital trends

  1. SOCIAL & DIGITAL TRENDS<br />Extended version of a World Economic Forum talk in Davos “7 digital trends in Davos 2010”<br />Loic Le Meur<br />Loic at seesmic.comtwitter.com/loicfacebook.com/loic<br />
  2. All your social networks in one application<br />Monitor your brand, engage and publish<br />…on any platform.<br />SeesmiciPad<br />Coming Soon<br />
  3. What we’ve achieved<br />Key Partnerships<br />On top of that, Seesmic Desktop boasts a marketplace of over 60 service integrations - allowing users to manage all of their favorite services within one powerful app<br />
  4. What gets us excited these days: business use<br />
  5. Digitalization means streaming and storing<br />our lives online<br />Me<br />
  6. Digital entertainment on multiple devices<br />Me<br />
  7. Apps taking over our lives<br />Sport<br />Games<br />Business<br />Health<br />Me<br />Social<br />Travel<br />Music<br />Utility<br />Productivity<br />
  8. The developers nightmares<br />Many platforms<br />Many app stores<br />Many form factors<br />Many social networks integrations<br />Constantly changing<br />
  9. Everything is becoming a stream<br />
  10. Business implications<br />Speed is everything: real time innovation<br />Open platform is a must<br />Creates unprecedented transparency internally<br />Less email <br />Flatter organizations<br />Live customer feedback needs 24h/day attention <br />Product roadmap adapts also in real time<br />Social networking data > leads generation > immediate response<br />
  11. It’s all going to the cloud<br />Office<br />Social networking<br />Chatter<br />Mail<br />
  12. Everything in the cloud means less privacy, possible “personal wikileaks”<br />
  13. Here is a Seesmic employee house, all public<br />
  14. The web has a deep impact on our brain<br />
  15. Social networking and mail addiction is so big that dedicated apps to help you disconnect are growing<br />
  16. Location getting social is a game changer<br />
  17. Everything is becoming a platform<br />
  18. Even your own body is<br />becoming a platform<br />
  19. Social networking + Objects = Social Objects<br />
  20. Social commerce<br />“The size of the social commerce market is the size of every empty restaurant table”<br />Andrew Mason — Groupon founder<br />
  21. Social commerce: Facebook integration on more than 1 million sites<br />
  22. Social commerce: my dentist has a Facebook page and uses Groupon<br />Reputation becomes huge<br />
  23. Social commerce: YouTube gets more powerful than TV<br />111,544,732 views in total<br />2,341,723 views<br />3,248,033 views<br />
  24. Social commerce: e-commerce APIs become standard<br />
  25. Loic Le Meur<br />Founder and CEO<br />Loic at seesmic.com<br />twitter.com/loic<br />Facebook.com/loic<br />