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Social Selling :The future of LinkedIn Groups is here!

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LinkedIn rolled out new updates to its Groups feature making managing group discussions easier and conversations more effective.

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Social Selling :The future of LinkedIn Groups is here!

  1. 1. The Future of LinkedIn Groups is here! Presented by Logan Nathan GROUP
  2. 2. GROUP Note: solomoIT is an independent company based in not associated in anyway with LinkedIn. Training & Coaching we provide are based on our own independent research and ‘hands-on’ use of this platform for business and individual use. Read the full article Here
  3. 3. Read the full article Here LinkedIn has given birth to a new approach to B2B social selling while helping job seekers get timely and valuable advice. Recently it rolled out an update to its Group Features based upon its member feedback and after a thorough research on how the groups are being used. GROUP
  4. 4. Social Selling INDEX Read the full article Here So How does the new LinkedIn groups experience will now become easier to understand and navigate? Lets have a look at what I think GROUP stands for: Read the full article Here
  5. 5. Group Highlights and Email Digests Read the full article Here Grasp useful insights on what’s been happening in your group with a single snap shot and helps you follow the conversations that you find most interesting.
  6. 6. Better Content Filtration Read the full article Here • Soft-skills improvement – Finding the right active group and be a part of it • Deepen your area of expertise – Get and provide useful insights with more relevant content being discussed • Social Selling – Join the group with members from your target market
  7. 7. Effective Group Participation Read the full article Here • All groups are Standard or unlisted groups • All groups are private or members only groups • Focus on timely and high engagement content • Removal of promotional tabs and sub groups • Introduction of groups mobile app and mentions using @
  8. 8. Own Unique Group Read the full article Here Make your own group that specialises in a particular industry, a community in focus or an industry related to your target audience interests
  9. 9. Becoming an active member of LinkedIn Groups Read the full article Here • Join an existing group or create your own • Bring your own unique angle to conversation • Connect with people that are engaging with a posts related to your field • Acknowledge others by linking or commenting on posts
  10. 10. Read the full article Here LinkedIn’s Groups allow you to: expand your reach, interact directly with your target audience, create your own community, and opens new doors for engagement and creating leads Conclusion
  11. 11. Follow Us Logan Nathan Digital Transformation Strategist, Social Selling Specialist, LinkedIn Trainer Get the most out of Groups !