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How to leverage digital transformation to become global stars

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Insights and inspiration collected from the journey of Harshini Fernando - an ordinary individual who took extra ordinary actions using Digital Technology to become AirBnB super-host.

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How to leverage digital transformation to become global stars

  1. 1. How To Leverage Digital Transformation to Become Global STARS? Presented by Logan Nathan Digital Transformation Case Study
  2. 2. Read the full article Here Digital Technology is enabling ordinary individuals to take extraordinary actions and become global stars. One such story is about Harshini Fernando, who leveraged social, local and mobile platforms to become a globally recognised AirBnB superhost! (AirBnB is a peer-to-peer hospitality website) Digital Transformation Case Study
  3. 3. Digital Transformation Case Study Read the full article Here Harshini realised she was sitting on a goldmine when she listed her place on Airbnb a few years ago. How did she leverage social, local and mobile technology to pave her way to online success? Lets have a look… Read the full article Here
  4. 4. Small Steps Global Reach Read the full article Here After listing her home on Airbnb, Harshini ensured she responded to traveller queries as early as she can and maintain a clear line of communication with her potential customers throughout their visit..
  5. 5. Technology with No Capital Read the full article Here Instead of getting a flashy website of her own, Harshini was able to reach a plethora of potential customers thanks to great online reviews her AirBnB guests leave after each visit!
  6. 6. Action – Beyond the Call of Duty Read the full article Here From arranging airport transfers for guests and welcoming them in person to preparing a warm meal for those arriving in the middle of the night, Harshini ensured a great customer experience every step of the way
  7. 7. Relationships – The Secret Read the full article Here Genuinely caring for the customers trumps competition every single time! For Harshini more business keeps flowing in as long as word of mouth is on her side! She put the customers first and the customer made her number 1.
  8. 8. Read the full article Here • Harshini is just one of the thousands of people globally with extraordinary determination who have leveraged today’s digital transformation technologies to: • Live with passion • offer great products and services, • serve their customers with unforgettable experiences and • build sustainable businesses! Conclusion
  9. 9. Lets Connect! Logan Nathan Digital Transformation Strategist, Social Selling Specialist, LinkedIn Trainer Do You Want to Leverage Digital Transformation To Become A Global Star?