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7 ways to gear up your small business website for 2016

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Technology trends to look out for in 2016. Improve conversions and ROI with more customer focused websites.

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7 ways to gear up your small business website for 2016

  1. 1. 7 Ways To Gear Up Your Small Business Website For 2016 Presented by Logan Nathan 2016 Website Trends for SMEs
  2. 2. SME Business Website Note: solomoIT is an independent company based in not associated in anyway with LinkedIn. Training & Coaching we provide are based on our own independent research and ‘hands-on’ use of this platform for business and individual use. Read the full article Here
  3. 3. Read the full article Here You have less than 10 seconds to make a first great impression with your company website. So its important to have a website that provides a quick interpretation of benefits, easy navigation through pages, develop credibility and prompt site visitors to take a desired action! SME Business Website
  4. 4. Read the full article Here So how adopting the latest trends can benefit your company WEBSITE in 2016. Lets take a look… Read the full article Here SME Business Website
  5. 5. Win more Customers with Visually Appealing and Realistic Website Designs Read the full article Here Large background images, typographic designs, split screens and animations are some of the things SME owners are going to compete on to hold the attention of their site visitors a bit longer, in 2016.
  6. 6. Engage With Small Data Read the full article Here Signups, downloads and prompting site or asking site visitors to check “Yes” or “No” boxes on a certain opinion are simple ways to make them feel valued and get useful insights with respect to your target audience!
  7. 7. Boost Google Ranking with Secure Websites Read the full article Here Making it a win-win situation for the website users and the businesses alike, Google now wants more websites to adopt the secure HTTPS protocol, and is using search engine ranking as a reward for those who are listening!
  8. 8. Simplify User Experience with Responsive Web Design Read the full article Here With Google putting more emphasis on enhancing user-experience through responsive websites, mobile- friendly web design will push the trend towards better loading speed, bigger buttons and longer scrolling websites better suited to fit screens of all sizes.
  9. 9. Read the full article Here Websites that are able to pin point what exactly led the user to a page and what they intend to do after landing on your website, can provide some useful insights into customer behaviors and help you deliver an exceptional user-experience. Inspire Location Based and Contextual Searches Website
  10. 10. Transfer Website Visitors to Social Media Pages Read the full article Here 2016 will see a greater flux towards a combination of conventional business websites with modern ways of social selling that would go beyond the traditional integration of social media buttons
  11. 11. Embrace Full Screen Navigation and Cleaner Website Pages Read the full article Here An unexplored treasure for SMEs entering into 2016 is the ability of their responsive websites to automatically adjust to full screen when being viewed on multiple devices
  12. 12. Read the full article Here 2016 is going to be a march forward into Social interactivity, Localisation and Mobility (SoLoMo) with a renewed focus on Intelligently Targeting the market and abandoning the cookie cutter approach. Conclusion
  13. 13. Upgrade Your Website For More Conversions In 2016
  14. 14. Lets Connect! Logan Nathan Digital Transformation Strategist, Social Selling Specialist, LinkedIn Trainer Upgrade Your Website For More Conversions In 2016