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7 Reasons Why SME Businesses Must Surface in 2016 and Beyond

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Hybrid devices and cloud platforms are the future of Small to Medium Businesses that seek to boost productivity and take their businesses to the next level!

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7 Reasons Why SME Businesses Must Surface in 2016 and Beyond

  1. 1. 7 Reasons Why SME Businesses Must SURFACE in 2016 and Beyond Presented by Logan Nathan Social, Local, Mobile and the Cloud
  2. 2. Read the full article Here Hybrid devices and cloud based platforms are making huge waves for online businesses! To become more productive and versatile, there has never been a more perfect time to embrace these technologies, excel in your passion and make your business SURFACE as a leader in your niche. Hybrid Devices and Cloud Platforms
  3. 3. Is Your SME ready to SURFACE Online? Read the full article Here Lets take a look at why adopting hybrid devices and cloud platforms can help your SME push through the ladder of success! Read the full article Here
  4. 4. Secure Your Data Read the full article Here Loss of data or breach of confidential information could cost businesses to even go bankrupt. • Make sure you are dealing with a secure cloud based service provider! • Use a device that is equipped with encryption, finger print and face recognition technologies.
  5. 5. Anywhere, Anytime Read the full article Here With a hybrid device that combines the functionality of a laptop and a tablet, businesses can enjoy the best of both worlds.
  6. 6. Collaboration Is A Must Read the full article Here The cloud ensures your employees are not only always available but also able to access on-demand customer and supplier data to timely respond to queries and service requests.
  7. 7. Managing Real-time Data Read the full article Here Access data from any place, anytime! • Manage work related queries • Respond to real-time social media conversations • Switch from work mode to personal mode anytime!
  8. 8. Read the full article Here A solution that makes working, collaborating, brainstorming, accessing information, fueling new ideas and implementation faster and simpler! aster. Information At Your Finger Tips
  9. 9. Read the full article Here a The success of today’s SMEs lies in their ability to connect with all stakeholders through multiple channels and across a range of devices. Faster and Reliable Access
  10. 10. Read the full article Here Integrating the CXM (Customer Experience Management) system into the cloud brings all business departments on the same page thereby increasing customer engagement in terms of reach, acquisition, retention and loyalty. Engaging and Collaborating
  11. 11. Read the full article Here Hybrid devices like Microsoft Surface Pro coupled with cloud based platforms allow businesses to enjoy upgraded security, better usability, value-added relationships, enhanced flexibility, insightful activities, uninterrupted connectivity and meaningful engagement! Conclusion
  12. 12. Lets Connect! Logan Nathan Digital Transformation Strategist, Social Selling Specialist, LinkedIn Trainer SME BUSINESS OWNERS NOW ITS YOUR TURN!