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Dramatically improve your web presence

  1. How to Dramatically Improve Your Web Presence and Profits! By Paul Humphreys Video Guy
  2. Make yourself stand out!  Become a powerful business presence on the web by using professional Video!  Start understanding the principle that a video says much more than words and pictures combined by up to 1,000%.  Join the winners circle now, everyone else will within the next year!
  3. Have a Video Interview working for you 24/7!  You will have your own Infomercial!  It can be used on your website or hosted on a private site or even YouTube!  Sell yourself and your business online powerfully using video!  Use it in email marketing!  Build relationships faster!
  4. Today’s Situation  Most websites still consist of text & pictures  Over 60% of all web traffic is now video  Stats show that websites with video are 500% more effective at closing the sale  It can be hard to put really good video on the web if you try it yourself.  Why, because it’s not what you are trained to do, and it’s best to outsource your video.
  5. What Do We Do?  We film business video interviews, 30-60 second commercials, and video testimonials  We edit them professionally, upload them to the web for you, and also give you a copy on DVD  We can work with your web designer to ensure the best outcome  You can even email your video links!
  6. Available Options  Check out our website at  Look at the sample videos that we have on the website to get an idea  Read about the available options for you  Prices normally range from $150 - $495 with free bonuses on occasion.
  7. What Do You Do Now?  Go to my site at  Decide that you need to get involved in video on the web to promote your product or service  Call me on the numbers listed on the website  And please just do it now, because if you don’t, your competitors probably will!  Ask about my customer satisfaction guarantee!