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E110 Visual Media Analysis Libguide

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E110 Visual Media Analysis Libguide

  1. 1. Visual Media Analysis Research
  2. 2. ● “Rosie the Riveter” ● WWII poster ● Has to do with women working in factories to make military supplies ● Patriotic message ● Very well-known image that has been reused a lot ● Queen Bey ● Posted on Beyonce’s Instagram 7/22/2014, no caption ● Currently has 1.5 million likes and more than 23,000 comments ● Beyonce has publicly talked about being a feminist What do I know about my images?
  3. 3. What questions do I have about my images? ● Who created it? (artist, government organization) ● When was it created? ● How did it influence women? ● How did women feel about the new kinds of labor they did during WWII? ● How did fans and media outlets talk about this image when it came out? ● Is this a commentary on race and feminism? ● Is this a commentary on current issues related to women and work? “Run the World (Girls)”
  4. 4. How did the Rosie the Riveter poster influence women during WWII? Who What When Where Why -Women -Mothers -Workers -Work -Labor -Women’s roles -Gender roles -Production of goods -WWII -1939-1944 -1942 (Rosie poster) -Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company -United States -Propaganda -Shortage of workers -War
  5. 5. Is Beyonce’s Instagram picture a commentary on modern issues related to women and work? Who What When Where Why -Women -Professionals -Workers -Work -Labor -Professions -Feminized professions -Pay equity -Equal pay -Glass ceiling -Class -Wages -Salary -Present day -United States -Corporations -Workplace -Government -Value of labor -Gender roles -Work-life balance