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Texas STaR chart

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A breif overview of the Texas STaR chart and the progress made at Polk Middle school.

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Texas STaR chart

  1. 1.  What is the Texas Long Range Plan? What is the STaR chart? What are the STaR chart requirements? Where does our school stand? What are our schools greatest strengths and weaknesses? What are the STaR chart benefits? What can YOU do?
  2. 2.  Key areas: › Teaching and Learning › Educator Preparation and Development › Leadership, Administration, and Instructional Support › Infrastructure for Technology Return to Agenda
  3. 3.  A teacher tool for planning and self assessing aligned with the Long-Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020. Legislation require all students be technology literate by the 8th grade. Produces a profile of your campus’ status towards reaching the goals of the LRPT. STaR Chart Website Return to Agenda
  4. 4.  Teachers must complete the survey annually to measure progress. Campus summary data reported to school boards, community groups, and technology planning committees. Statewide summary data is reported to state and federal policy makers. Return to Agenda
  5. 5. Summary Area Key Area Key Area STaR Classifications Trends TotalsTeaching & Learning 2008-09: 17 2008-09: Advanced Tech Continual improvement 2007-08: 14 2007-08: Advanced Tech Instruction is teacher facilitated 2006-07: 13 2006-07: Developing Tech Technology is integrated into the foundation TEKS Activities are separated by subject and grade All Technology Application TEKS are metEducator Preparation 2008-09: 16 2008-09: Advanced Tech Continual improvement& Development 2007-08: 15 2007-08: Advanced Tech Integration of technology into teaching and 2006-07: 13 2006-07: Developing Tech learning Use of online resources $ in the budget for professional development Administration identifies exemplary use of technologyLeadership, 2008-09: 20 2008-09: Advanced Tech Continual improvementAdministration, & 2007-08: 16 2007-08: Advanced Tech Campus board plan approvedInstructional Support 2006-07: 16 2006-07: Advanced Tech Technology facilitator on campus Competitive grants Technology allotment Local fundingInfrastructure for 2008-09: 19 2008-09: Advanced Tech Steady on targetTechnology 2007-08: 18 2007-08: Advanced Tech Direct connectivity to internet 2006-07: 19 2006-07: Advanced Tech Web based resources Rooms connect to WAN Equipped with appropriate technology One educator per computer
  6. 6.  Greatest Strength: Infrastructure for Technology › 4 or less students per computer › Direct connectivity to the internet › Web based learning is available › All rooms are on WAN › One educator per computer Greatest Weakness: Educator Preparation and Development › We need regular technology supported learner-centered projects › Anytime, anywhere use of online resources › Ensure integration of appropriate technology › 30% or more of budget allocated for PD Return to Agenda
  7. 7.  Set campus benchmarks and goals Evaluate current progress Determine funding priorities Identify needs for ongoing professional development Provide data that can support the needs for grants or other resourcesReturn to Agenda
  8. 8.  Review Technology Application TEKS Use the technology that is available to you in the classroom Attend any professional development over the use of technology Become a life-long learner!Return to Agenda