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Make your menu stand out this Valentine’s Day

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How smart Valentine's offers can help hospitality businesses get a bigger slice of the action this year.

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Make your menu stand out this Valentine’s Day

  1. 1. Make your menu stand out this Valentine’s Day liveres.co.uk
  2. 2. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and loved ones want to impress their other halves. A pint or a glass of wine down the local might be good enough for an average Wednesday night, but is it going to cut the mustard on a special day like Valentine’s?
  3. 3. Actually, it might: if the local creates and publishes a special menu that makes it stand out from the usual fare. So how can operators go about doing this, what should be on the menu, and how to promote it?
  4. 4. A little research goes a long way
  5. 5. 59% during a special occasion. of women drink cocktails A little digging can find some useful stats to help you understand what people want and build a mouthwatering menu. For example...
  6. 6. 10% Valentine’s Day also accounts for of Champagne sales for the entire year.
  7. 7. 78% of people would be more likely to treat themselves to a dessert when out for a special occasion. Likewise,
  8. 8. think there should be more desserts 1/3 created specifically for special occasions. And a
  9. 9. Also look at spend data to see what your customers prefer (if your reservations solution integrates with your EPoS). • What did people buy last year, or for the last special occasion? • Which dishes were the most popular, and which didn’t feel the love last Valentine’s Day?
  10. 10. Using this data, your chef’s creativity, and your hospitality experience, you can create a tantalising menu to draw in customers. If cocktails are a hit, put together a special drinks menu. And if chocolate’s always a big hit when it comes to desserts, make sure your ganache is up to scratch.
  11. 11. Showcase your menu Now your menu’s perfected, it’s time to let everyone clearly see what you’re offering. Highlight your special food and drinks menus What else can customers expect? Flowers, special decorations, personalised messages or gifts? Brand your emails with a romantic feel
  12. 12. Promote it through your partners and appropriate channels. But be careful which partners you choose. Are you paying commission for each booking? Are you paying for bookings you’ll get anyway (are you always fully booked for Valentine’s?) Can you use partner networks to drive bookings to shoulder times?
  13. 13. Are your third-party partners using your customer data for their own benefits? Can you brand widgets and emails with your own logos etc?
  14. 14. of customers say they are likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t personalise messages to them. So show your customers that you really understand them. If you have a detailed view of what customers have previously purchased in your venue, why not create targeted emails to invite them back? 52%
  15. 15. See you again soon? of people would be likely to return to an establishment that made them feel special. So if you deliver an amazing customer experience, maybe your venue will become that couple’s new local and not just a one-off. Why limit your customers’ visits to a couple of times a year. 94%
  16. 16. It’s something you can proactively encourage post-visit too. If you also use Zonal’s EPoS then with liveRES you can send a voucher post-dining or added to a receipt to encourage diners to return to your venue any day of the year, not just Valentine’s Day.
  17. 17. Want to see how liveRES can help you maximise your profits this Valentine’s? Get in touch to arrange a personal demo. Book your demo