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Lr revealed-the mothers day booking stats [infographic]

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Boost your bookings this mother's day 2019

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Lr revealed-the mothers day booking stats [infographic]

  1. 1. Can you offer real-time availability to convert the 12% who book on the same day? Can you accept and manage group bookings? Do you have a dedicated portal to communicate with large groups? Can you accept orders and payments in advance with no rekeying necessary? Do you make it easy for customers to cancel or edit their bookings, allowing you to immediately reallocate the table? Can you easily manage in-session table availability to cater for late changes? While the popularity of Mother’s Day is great news for your revenue, these statistical insights raise a number of logistical questions. 53%of us admit to spending more on Mother’s Day than we do for Father’s Day. It’s a day when mums definitely feel the love. Revealed: the Mother’s Day booking stats (and how to boost your bookings) Mothers have to put up with a lot. From carrying us around for nine months and changing our nappies to putting up with our sulky teenage years, it’s fair to say we owe them. Which goes some way to explaining why we spent a staggering £1.4 billion on our mums on Mother’s Day 2018 It’s also telling that And what better way to celebrate than with a delicious family meal at a local pub or restaurant? It’s a great excuse for mum to be on the receiving end of the cooking for once. 50% 41% 17% of total bookings scheduled in between noon and 4pm. Dinner slots were almost as popular as lunch, with over Interestingly, fewer than 10% of bookings were for breakfast, and under 1% of bookings were taken for 9pm or later – clearly most mums aren’t fans of late nights out! of bookings requested for after 4pm. Midday was the most popular hour, with of bookings at this time. Almost Our booking data reveals that the most popular booking slot for Mother’s Day 2018 was for a traditional Sunday lunch. Our data also shows that the most popular time to make the booking was a week before Mother’s Day. What’s also apparent is that Mother’s Day is a family affair. The average booking size was for 4.7 people, larger than average. And over 3% booked for a group of 10 or more. 26% 25% 12% making arrangements a week in advance. while a sizeable left it until just three days prio, Less than 1% booked eight weeks or more in advance. made their booking on the same day! with over © 2019 liveRES All Rights Reserved Unit 1 Cheshire House | Hurricane Close | Stafford | ST16 11L info@liveres.co.uk | Sales: 01785 257 777 | Helpdesk: 01565 622 329 Mother’s Day isn’t a time for guesswork or disappointing customers on their special day. But with the right tech in place, you can maximise your profits and minimise the stress levels.