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Customer feedback: the value of listening

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Using the latest GO Technology research by Zonal and CGA, we look at the value of encouraging feedback from your customers.

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Customer feedback: the value of listening

  1. 1. Promote your venue to other potential customers Finetune and strengthen your offering Customer feedback: the value of listening 7 new customers must be found to equal the revenue of a single repeat customer.[i] New customers are expensive. Listening to customers is a powerful tool for retention. Feedback allows you to: Who leaves feedback? Feedback doesn’t just happen Collecting and acting on feedback shows you care about the customer and their experience. 41% of consumers have reviewed food and drink experiences Millennials (24-34) are most likely to leave feedback Word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20 to 50% of all purchasing decisions[iii] Women are 8% more likely to leave feedback than men Tripadvisor is the most popular feedback site – 37% of people read/write reviews there[ii] 7 New customers = 1 Repeat customer Provide retrospective support to customers 41% 37% 8% 21st century Happy customers tell 9 people about their experiences[iv] Feedback is precious: Just one in 27 customers will tell you there’s a problem. The rest tell their friends or leave Tripadvisor reviews instead. Most prefer to leave feedback after the event: 63% of reviews are left between 1 and 48 hours later Customers do read reviews, and pay attention to other peoples’ feedback Even if they don’t leave a review, customers do talk about your business on social media Keep a close eye on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks to get an honest opinion of what your customers think Ask customers to leave feedback – and incentivise them in return Feedback needs to be acted on, or you waste important opportunities to improve CX Building feedback collection into your checkout experience will help you gather the information you need. © 2018 Zonal All Rights Reserved 1 Tanfield | Edinburgh | UK | EH3 5DA info@zonal.co.uk | 0800 131 3400 Conclusion Feedback is an opportunity to improve services – not just a tool for angry customers to vent Customer experience (CX) is defined by customer preference – if you don’t know what they want/expect, your CX will always disappoint Reviews are a powerful tool for promoting your venues Encourage your team to solicit feedback – and to act on it Technology is crucial to collecting and analysing feedback to identify improvements Key Takeways 64% of people read or write reviews 65% of people expect a reward for leaving feedback Unhappy customers tell 16 people 63% 64% 65% Identify areas of improvement within your operations