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Tell me a story

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Session delivered by Lisa Stevens at @chiuni MFL conference June 13th 2018 on using stories in the language classroom

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Tell me a story

  1. 1. Tell me a story! Lisa Stevens lisibo.com
  2. 2. Storytelling
  3. 3. Choosing books
  4. 4. 5 books to have by @nattalingo 1. a story translated from English 2. a traditional tale or fairytale from that country 3. a fun story that you’ll want to revisit 4. a book of poetry 5. a children’s novel - use extracts
  5. 5. making stories accessible to all
  6. 6. Mi Madrid
  7. 7. Animate!
  8. 8. El Nabo Enorme
  9. 9. Traditional tales
  10. 10. Tales of the unexpected!
  11. 11. De quelle couleur es ta culotte?
  12. 12. Use tools to hand
  13. 13. Adding sound
  14. 14. What can you do with a book? Look at the cover Predict what it’s about. Actions to accompany to aid understanding and also to retell Join in with repeated sections Listen out for sounds Count sounds/repeated phrases Act it out Pre teach vocabulary? Read an extract - suspense!
  15. 15. GPS
  16. 16. Celebrating languages
  17. 17. La maravillosa medicina de Jorge Using a chapter book.
  18. 18. Books about books Das ist ein Buch
  19. 19. Picture books
  20. 20. Non fiction texts
  21. 21. Write your own! Audience age? language level? interests? Purpose inform? educate? amuse? Tools online or offline? Engagement how will you maintain it?
  22. 22. Storybird
  23. 23. Storyjumper
  24. 24. Book Creator app
  25. 25. Mini books How to… guide
  26. 26. Helpful references Storybird wiki My Storybirds ALL Literature Wiki Pinterest links to research on Storytelling and stories in language learning Pinterest board of online stories Blogposts on books on ¡Vámonos! - lots of posts!
  27. 27. lisibo.com lisibo@me.com Ltd.