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Supporting learners’ understanding and enjoyment of stories in the primary languages classroom

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Presentation by Lisa Stevens at Language World 22nd March 2019

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Supporting learners’ understanding and enjoyment of stories in the primary languages classroom

  1. 1. “There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.” JK Rowling Image by Mysticsartdesign on Pixabay
  2. 2. Image from WorldArtsMe Image from Pixabay Supporting learners’ understanding and enjoyment of stories in the primary languages classroom. Lisa Stevens @lisibo www.lisibo.com
  3. 3. How can we support learners? • Use of familiar stories • Telling the story • Dual texts • Use of props • In song • Rebus stories • Use of picture prompts (T4W) • Use of actions (inc Makaton) • Reimagining and rewriting stories
  4. 4. “No story lives unless someone wants to listen.” JK Rowling Image by MoteOo on Pixabay
  5. 5. Familiarstories
  6. 6. “It’s the way I tell ‘em.” • Text length • Images • Seen or unseen? • Book or screen? • Voice
  7. 7. Simplifying stories https://www.slideshare.net/lisib o/senor-cabeza-naranja-mod
  8. 8. Dual texts
  9. 9. Using props and accessories.
  10. 10. La Belle au Bois Dormant La belle, la belle au bois dormant, bois dormant, bois dormant La belle, la belle au bois dormant, bois dormant. La belle, la belle prends garde à toi, garde à toi, garde à toi! La méchante, méchante fée arrive, fée arrive, fée arrive. Elle jette son sort: Tu dors cent ans! dors cent ans! dors cent ans! La haie d’épines grandit, grandit, grandit, grandit, grandit, grandit. Le prince arrive, il voit la belle, voit la belle, voit la belle. La belle, la belle, ouvre les yeux! ouvre les yeux! ouvre les yeux! La belle épouse son prince charmant, prince charmant, prince charmant.
  11. 11. Play scripts
  12. 12. Encouraging participation
  13. 13. https://www.imageneseducativas.com/colecci on-de-cuentos-con-pictogramas/
  14. 14. https://www.orientacionandujar.es/2017/06/0 1/super-coleccion-cuentos-realizados- pictogramas-actividades/
  15. 15. https://www.pictocuentos.com/
  16. 16. Using Pictograms https://www.pictotraductor.com/
  17. 17. Issue of agreement…
  18. 18. Question marks…
  19. 19. https://www.pictosonidos.com/categoria/la-calle/10 Vocabulary and games
  20. 20. https://www.pictoeduca.com/leccion/219/la-palabra-y-la-s-laba Create lessons using Pictogramas to explain and clarify.
  21. 21. Talk for Writing - T4W
  22. 22. Reworking stories
  23. 23. Using Makaton and Widgets • Inclusive • Encourages participation • Supports memorisation • Keeps fiddling fingers occupied! • Great fun!
  24. 24. Hands of the World project • eTwinningproject http://bit.ly/TwinspaceHOTW • Sharon Tonner-Saunders at University of Dundee • #hotwmakaton #etwinning • A million dreams https://youtu.be/9tvlSuGbCPg
  25. 25. Querido Zoo https://widgitonline.com/doc/283ef53eddcaf24f48c5329dfd6393ca Widget word mat
  26. 26. Each class learned the signs – animals and emotions first then as a story. Then we attempted to tell the story together in assembly!
  27. 27. Ten in the Bed https://youtu.be/ozWLB8ZPLF4 Rob Delaney http://bit.ly/Mayflr10 Mayflower Primary Download the Makaton signs here: http://bit.ly/teninbedmakato n Word map also in Spanish! http://bit.ly/Diezcama
  28. 28. Diez en la cama song https://youtu.be/zHUUphycUjc Dix dans le lit https://youtu.be/zHUUphycUjc Zehn im Bett https://youtu.be/ZcbX7Oan1ac
  29. 29. Twitter - @lisibo My website - ¡Vámonos! - lisibo.com Pinterest board with links from this presentation: http://bit.ly/LW2109 Languages in Primary Schools https://www.facebook.com/primarylanguages/