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Quick tips to make triberr work for your blog

Quick tips on how to make Triberr work for your blog.

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Quick tips to make triberr work for your blog

  1. 1. Step 1 – Check Your Settings
  2. 2. Step 2 – Blog Settings – Both Should Be Green –Click The Button Next To the Red To Change It!
  3. 3. Green Is Good – Your Blog Posts Are Ready to be Shared Now
  4. 4. Timing – Either 30 Minutes or 1 Hour
  5. 5. Go Discover New Tribes- Key to Growth of Your Blog!
  6. 6. Browse Tribes That Make Sense for Your Niche
  7. 7. After Your Hit Add From Previous Slide – Select NewCategory & Hit Start Connecting At Bottom Orange Button
  8. 8. Comment on 3 Posts from Same Tribe
  9. 9. See What Happens With 3 Comments – Now You Wait For New Invite!
  10. 10. Then Share Away Good Content
  11. 11. Triberr Takes TIME!• Don’t Give Up – Triberr Really Takes Time• You Will Grow As Your Tribe Sizes Grow• Share Good Content Related To Your Blog Not Everything and Anything• Thank Those That Share a Lot of Your Stuff• Watch New Traffic Come To Your Blog in Time from Triberr• These were just a Few Quick Tips to get you going with Triberr, there is more to it but these will give you a great start with Triberr.