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Advanced Topics in Agile Tsting: Focus on Automation

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Slide deck for workshop facilitated by Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory at Quality in Agile Vancouver 2015. Outcomes from the workshop including all the mind maps will appear eventually on lisacrispin.com.

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Advanced Topics in Agile Tsting: Focus on Automation

  1. 1. Advanced  Topics:  Focus  on   Automa3on   Quality  in  Agile  2015   Lisa  Crispin  and  Janet  Gregory   Agile  Tes)ng:  A  Prac)cal  Guide  for  Testers  and  Agile  Teams   More  Agile  Tes)ng:  Learning  Journeys  for  the  Whole  Team  
  2. 2. A  liAle  about  us   Janet   First  agile  team:    2000   Currently  coaching,    training   TwiAer:    janetgregoryca   Email:  janet@agiletester.ca   Agile  Tes3ng;  2009   More  Agile  Tes3ng:  Oct  2014   Website:     www.agiletester.com     www.agiletester.ca   Lisa       First  agile  team  –  2000   Currently    tes3ng  at  Piviotal  Tracker   TwiAer:    lisacrispin   Email:  lisa@agiletester.ca   Advanced  Topics  on  Agile  Tes3ng:  Lisa  Crispin  &  Janet  Gregory  
  3. 3. The  Day…  Maybe!   1.  Introduc3ons   2.  Short  intro  to  get  you  thinking   3.  Iden3fy  biggest  challenges   4.  Brainstorm  experiments  for  each   5.  We’ll  contribute  any  ideas  we  have   6.  Perhaps  3me  at  the  end  for  general   discussion,  demos  or  mini-­‐open  space  for   topics  not  discussed  earlier       Advanced  Topics  on  Agile  Tes3ng:  Lisa  Crispin  &  Janet  Gregory  
  4. 4. •  Brainstorm  –  explore  some  new  fron3ers!   •  Collabora3ve,    problem  solving  a`tude,  open   •  Models  to  help  with  automa3on  challenges   •  Some  more  slides  –  if  they  relate  to   problems  /  experiments   •  You’ll  leave  with  some  experiments  to  help   with  your  biggest  problems  and  goals     Expecta3ons   Advanced  Topics  on  Agile  Tes3ng:  Lisa  Crispin  &  Janet  Gregory  
  5. 5. What  might  we  talk  about?  It’s  up  to  you!   •  Skills  needed,  training   •  Selec3ng  tools   •  What  to  automate   •  Who  should  automate?   •  Automa3on  paAerns   •  Maintaining  automated  tests   •  Con3nuous  integra3on  &  delivery   •  Automa3ng  at  different  levels,  i.e.,  API  or  UI   •  Mobile  or  embedded  automa3on   Others?????   Advanced  Topics  on  Agile  Tes3ng:  Lisa  Crispin  &  Janet  Gregory  
  6. 6. Introduc3ons   •  What  is  your  specialty?     •  What’s  your  goal  for   today?  Write  it  on  the   lined  s3cky.   •  Note  who  you’d  like  to   talk  to   •  Self  organize  into  table   groups!   Advanced  Topics  on  Agile  Tes3ng:  Lisa  Crispin  &  Janet  Gregory  
  7. 7. •  Why  we  automate   •  What  gets  in  the  way   •  A  whole  team  approach   •  Helpful  models     Let’s  Start  With  An  Overview  
  8. 8. •  Manual  checking  takes  too  long   •  Manual  checks  are  error  prone   •  Frees  people  to  do  their  best  work  (tes3ng)   •  Provides  ‘living  documenta3on’   •  Repeatable   •  Saves  3me     8   Why  Should  You  Automate?  
  9. 9. 9   Why  Aren’t  You   Automa3ng?  
  10. 10. 10 §  ROI  –  explain  to  management   §  Acknowledge  hump  of  pain               xUnit  Test  PaAerns,  Gerard  Meszeros   Perhaps  a   cri3cal  mass   of   automa3on   libraries  
  11. 11. 11   Recognize  change  is  hard,                          but  worth  it  if  done  right  
  12. 12. Source:  Gojko  Adzic,  StarEast   2011  keynote  
  13. 13. Source:  Gojko  Adzic,   StarEast  2011  keynote   When the TEAM owns automation
  14. 14. 14 Agile  Tes3ng  Quadrants                
  15. 15. Agile  Tes3ng  Pyramid  (Mike  Cohn)   push   the   tests   lower   Automate  at   the  feature   level   Automate   at  the  story   level   Automate   at  the  task   level  
  16. 16. Test   Automa3on   Volcano   Original  idea  from  MaA  Barcomb;   Image  by  Jenn  Sinclair  
  17. 17. What’s  in  your  way?   •  Use  the  s3cky  notes  on  the  tables  to  iden3fy   your  automa3on  challenges   •  Try  be  specific  because  we’ll  be  grouping  them   later   •  Share  as  you  write     17  
  18. 18. Now  …    Let’s  priori3ze     1.  Put  your  s3ckies  on  the  wall   chart   2.  Group  similar  challenges   3.  Dot  vote  for  your  “favorites”      (three  votes  each)   5.  Create  problem  statements   for  each  of  the  top  3       18  
  19. 19. Sub  topic   Sub  topic   Sub  topic   First  brainstorming  technique  –  mind   maps!   MAIN   TOPIC   Sub  topic   Sub  topic   first  &me   change   new  account   password   rules   encryp&on   save   user  name   rules   Advanced  Topics  on  Agile  Tes3ng:  Lisa  Crispin  &  Janet  Gregory  
  20. 20. Round  1:    Brainstorm   •  Let’s  address  the  top  automa3on  challenge   •  Gather  around  one  or  more  sheets  of  flip  chart   paper  –  everyone  grab  a  marker!   •  Start  drawing  your  mind  map  for  ideas   •  Add  notes,  pictures,  whatever  helps  you  think   •  Iden3fy  people  who  can  help  you,  for  example,   programmers,  opera3ons  people   Advanced  Topics  Focus  on  Automa3on:  Lisa  Crispin  &  Janet  Gregory   20   minutes  
  21. 21. Round  1:  Outcomes     •  Did  mind  mapping  and  drawing  help?   •  What  experiments  or  ideas  did  you  capture?   •  Any  interes3ng  stories?   •  Any  outstanding  ques3ons?   •  Any  surprises?   Advanced  Topics  Focus  on  Automa3on:  Lisa  Crispin  &  Janet  Gregory  
  22. 22. Round  2:  Brain  Wri3ng   What  is  brain  wri3ng?   •  It’s  a  way  to  share  your  ideas  in  wri3ng  and  for   others  to  add  theirs     hAps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/6-­‐3-­‐5_Brainwri3ng   Advanced  Topics  Focus  on  Automa3on:  Lisa  Crispin  &  Janet  Gregory  
  23. 23. Problem  #2  on  the  list   Use  brain  wri3ng  to  help  iden3fy  possible  solu3ons   1.  Each  of  you  take  a  sheet  of  paper.   2.  Write  your  ideas  for  ways  to  address  this   automa3on  challenge   3.  Awer  three  minutes,  pass  your  paper  to  the   next  person.  (we’ll  call  3me)   4.  Read  the  ideas  on  the  paper  you  got,  and  add   more  of  your  own.   5.  Con3nue  un3l  each  person  has  wriAen  on  each   paper.     Advanced  Topics  Focus  on  Automa3on:  Lisa  Crispin  &  Janet  Gregory  
  24. 24. Round  2:  Outcomes  –  Brain  Wri3ng   •  What  experiments  do  you  want  to  try?   •  Any  interes3ng  stories?   •  Any  outstanding  ques3ons?   •  Any  surprises  about  using  brain  wri3ng?   Advanced  Topics  Focus  on  Automa3on:  Lisa  Crispin  &  Janet  Gregory  
  25. 25. Round  3:    Brainstorming  with  a  Twist   Use  other  groups  to  help  iden3fy  possible  solu3ons     Advanced  Topics  Focus  on  Automa3on:  Lisa  Crispin  &  Janet  Gregory  
  26. 26. Address  your  third  challenge   1.  Gather  around  the  flip  chart   2.  Mind  map,  draw,  write  your  ideas  for  experiments   3.  Awer  five-­‐ten  minutes,  move  right  to  the  next   team’s  flip  chart    (we’ll  call  3me)   4.  Read  the  challenge  and  the  ideas  wriAen  down,   and  add  more  of  your  own.   5.  Con3nue  for  3  rounds     30?   minutes   Advanced  Topics  Focus  on  Automa3on:  Lisa  Crispin  &  Janet  Gregory  
  27. 27. Round  3:  Outcomes       •  Take  a  look  at  all  the  ideas   •  Can  you  turn  those  ideas  into  realis3c   experiments  to  try?     •  What  did  the  group  approach  help,  or  hinder?   •  Any  surprises  about  this  way  of  thinking?   Advanced  Topics  Focus  on  Automa3on:  Lisa  Crispin  &  Janet  Gregory  
  28. 28. There’s  more  to  problem  solving:   Advanced  Topics  Focus  on  Automa3on:  Lisa  Crispin  &  Janet  Gregory   Esther  Derby  -­‐  model  
  29. 29. Let’s  Design  Some  Experiments!   •  Go  back  to  your  map  or  drawing  from  any   round   •  Design  at  least  two  experiments  to  try  to   address  that  challenge   •  Think  about  who  could  help  –  maybe  people   outside  of  delivery  team?   •  Think  about  how  they  can  help     Advanced  Topics  Focus  on  Automa3on:  Lisa  Crispin  &  Janet  Gregory   20   minutes  
  30. 30. Outcomes:  Designing  Experiments   •  Share  two  experiments  from  your  group   •  Would  you  try  these  with  your  own  team?   Advanced  Topics  Focus  on  Automa3on:  Lisa  Crispin  &  Janet  Gregory  
  31. 31. What’s  next?   Advanced  Topics  Focus  on  Automa3on:  Lisa  Crispin  &  Janet  Gregory   •  More  brainstorming  or  experiment  design?   •  Demos  of  exis3ng  automa3on  solu3ons?   •  Did  you  hear  of  any  frameworks  or  libraries   you’d  like  your  team  to  try?   •  Q  &  A    
  32. 32. Contact  Informa3on     janet@agiletester.ca   www.janetgregory.ca   twiAer:  @janetgregoryca     lisa@agiletester.ca   www.lisacrispin.com   twiAer:    @lisacrispin     www.agiletester.ca   www.agiletester.com