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Using Talent Updates for Success in 2014 - Search and Staffing Firms

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Your company followers are your biggest fans, brand evangelists, and potential future placements! Learn how to use LinkedIn’s Talent Updates to enable you to attract and place quality candidates in 2014.

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Using Talent Updates for Success in 2014 - Search and Staffing Firms

  1. 1. Wesley Hendriks Recruitment Product Consultant Alex Charraudeau Media Solutions Consultant Introducing Talent Updates December 2013 #TalentUpdates
  2. 2. Source: De Academie van Arbeidsmarktcommunicatie Three ways of sourcing directindirectindirect Positively influencing your Employer Brand Building relationships Attracting the right candidates
  3. 3. 3 “Continuously and systematically build relations with potential placements, current placements and alumni with the goal of identifying and creating mutual opportunities”
  4. 4. Three facets for an efficient pipeline workflow Prospecting Developing  Search  Refine  Organise  Reach  Interest  Nurture  Build  Interest  Close ReductioninTimetoHire Sourcing
  5. 5. Talent Updates: Keep building those relationships  Post updates to the feed of people who follow your company, right from Recruiter  Focus on the right talent with powerful targeting  Instantly build relationships with interested prospects  Surface candidates that are ready make a move
  6. 6. Join the team that is transforming the future. We are passionate about what we do. Jobs at Ariel Hsiao Amazon ABOUT Watch the video for a peek into the fast-paced world at our headquarters. Every day, our employees are working on exciting projects that make a real difference for our customers. Plus, we’re really excited to show off our newly remodeled office space! Check out the links below for more about us: Our Career Site ► xyzCo 494794 followers xyzCo xyzCo Manager Todd Logan VP of Finance Emily Meinhardt Account Executive Hillary Carroll Manager of Operations Manager Manager Manager Director of Human Resources Director of Human Resources Senior Manager Senior Manager Careers 71% of members are interested in updates on job opportunities from companies they follow 83% follow 6 or fewer companies Company Followers are a highly valuable asset for companies They are your biggest fans, brand evangelists, and potential future hires!
  7. 7. Followers are sharing your message with their network  Your followers, fans, members, connections will see your content.  Good content will get Liked, Shared and Commented on.  This may spread your content further to their networks.  This is called social amplification or Viral Marketing Organic Earned
  8. 8. Posting Content Split job posts and content 80:20. Short and sweet. 50 characters or less drives 28% more engagement. “Best of” and “Top 10” lists are in. They will increase amplification by about 40%. Ask questions. Want 50% more comments? Then ask a question. Get it? Over 2 billion updates are seen weekly across LinkedIn.
  9. 9. Follow your Brand guidelines LinkedIn Confidential ©2012 All Rights Reserved 9
  10. 10. Follow your Brand guidelines 1. How are we different? 2. How do I communicate as a consultant? Is it the same message as my colleagues? 3. Do I have authority to speak about this subject? 4. What are our values? 5. What is our unique selling proposition? LinkedIn Confidential ©2012 All Rights Reserved 10
  11. 11. Another example
  12. 12. Let’s see how it works
  13. 13. Getting started: request access from your Company Page admin
  14. 14. Log in to Recruiter and go to the Talent Updates page Requesting Access
  15. 15. Click ‘Learn more’ to request access (step 1 of 3) Requesting Access
  16. 16. Company Page admins are listed here Click ‘Request access’ (step 2 of 3) Requesting Access
  17. 17. Send the InMail request to Company Page Admins (step 3 of 3) Requesting Access
  18. 18. Company Pages Admins are notified of requests Requesting Access
  19. 19. You are notified in two ways when your request is approved 19 Requesting Access
  20. 20. Posting updates and pipelining from results
  21. 21. Focus on the right talent with powerful targeting • Company Size • Industry • Function • Seniority • Geography • Current Employee/ non- Employees Updates will be seen by company followers Posting an Update
  22. 22. Type the post, a preview appears, then click share Posting an Update
  23. 23. See who likes, comments or shares the post so you can add interesting people to your pipeline Real time data on key metrics & analytics relating to the post Real-time analytics show you who responds so you can surface warm leads Pipelining from Results
  24. 24. Your five next steps 1. Make Talent Updates a part of your social strategy 2. Designate one or two RPS seat holders to post updates 3. Start building your brand and accelerate your pipeline 4. Get inspired by our gallery of great updates: http://lnkd.in/AllStarGallery 5. Post your company’s first Talent Update!