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The secret to a powerful relationship between sales & marketing

  1. THE SECRET To A Powerful Relationship Between Sales & Marketing September 6th 2017
  2. Christina O'Connor Associate Marketing Manager LinkedIn Keith Browning Senior Manager, Global Brand LinkedIn Anne Nicole Key Account Manager LinkedIn Speakers
  3. better at closing deals Report improved customer retention Notice a boost in financial performance Report increased productivity 67% 58% 54% 52 % Businesses are When Sales and Marketing Work Together Marketing efforts generate 208% more revenue
  4. Question 1 Why should businesses care about sales and marketing alignment?
  5. Question 2 What is the secret to a successful relationship between sales and marketing ?
  6. Question 3 What tactics can be implemented today to foster the relationship between sales and marketing?
  7. Question 4 How can businesses leverage LinkedIn for success?
  8. Q&A