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The Importance of Data & Relationships | ConnectIn London 2016

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In this session, Namrata Murlidhar Anand, Senior Marketing Manager, UK/I & Scott Parish, Head of EMEA Product Marketing at LinkedIn discuss the importance of data and relationships. Scott brings us through LinkedIn's product road map for 2016 highlighting LinkedIn's newest products Elevate, Referrals and the next generation of LinkedIn Recruiter.

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The Importance of Data & Relationships | ConnectIn London 2016

  1. 1. #ConnectInLondon Talent Lives on LinkedIn Namrata Murlidhar, Senior Marketing Manager LinkedIn Scott Parish Head of EMEA Product Marketing LinkedIn
  2. 2. Businesses win when they have the right talent #1 Recruiting has the highest impact of any HR function on revenue & profit margins1 A high performer can deliver 400% more productivity than the average performer2 1 Boston Consulting Group, 2012 2 THE BEST AND THE REST: REVISITING THE NORM OF NORMALITY OF INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE. Personnel Psychology, 65: 79–119 , 2012 You
  3. 3. But recruiting and retaining the right talent is increasingly difficult and costly It’s taking longer to recruit the right talent +4 days longer to hire talent3 There’s high competition for talent UK experiencing exceptionally strong job creation, faster than any other EU country1 A low supply of people with key skills Skill shortages has risen to 130% in the last 4 years, now a quarter of all jobs 1 Bureau of Labour Statistics, 2015 2 Aberdeen, 2015 3LinkedIn Talent Trends, 2016 4Bersin, Talent Acquisition Factbook, 2015 Requiring more of your time and resources +7% more spend • +9% more TA headcount • +8% longer to fill a role4
  4. 4. 90% Of all talent on LinkedIn is either looking for or open to new opportunities1 1 LinkedIn, Talent Trends, 2016 But there is good news. Surrounded by opportunity, talent is more active and open than ever before. #ConnectInLondon
  5. 5. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? #1The #1 way talent discovers a job opportunity is from someone they know2 68%Of people choose to buy from companies they trust. Conversely, 48% refuse to buy from companies they don’t trust3 Uncertain where to go, their paths are influenced by people and companies they trust 69% of potential applicants don’t know where they’d apply1 ? ? ? 1 CEB, Branding for Influence, 2014 2 LinkedIn, Job Switcher Survey, 2016 3 Edelman Trust Barometer, 2016
  6. 6. These relationships shape each candidate’s unique journey. Engage them at every step. HIRED #ConnectInLondon
  7. 7. Advance their Careers Explore and apply to jobs and learn new skills 1.2M members changed jobs in 2015 Stay Informed Learn about industry trends, news & influencers LinkedIn is the #1 digital publishing platform. Connect Build and maintain their professional networks The #1 activity is viewing profile pages. Because talent lives on LinkedIn Over 20m members in the UK come to LinkedIn to … #ConnectInLondon
  8. 8. We are innovating with a mantra in mind… + = Relationships Insights Success across journey #ConnectInLondon
  9. 9. As talent lives on LinkedIn, they create valuable identity and affinity data affinity Employee connections Engaged followers Past applicants Interested candidates identity Experience Location Company Education Skills
  10. 10. LinkedIn jobs are not only a powerful application tool, but also enhance the full end-to-end solution STRONGER BRAND TOP LEADS QUALITY REFERALS ADVANCED SOURCING MORE FOLLOWERS APPLICATIONS Connecting solutions into a hiring platform HIRED INTERNAL MOBILITY #ConnectInLondon
  11. 11. 2. REFERRALS 3. NEXT GENERATION RECRUITER 1. ELEVATE We will briefly explore how affinity data and relationships shape innovations at different stages of the career journey #ConnectInLondon
  12. 12. Elevate helps companies and employees build their brand through sharing quality content #ConnectInLondon
  13. 13. First, employee relationships extend company relationships by ten times - expanding your reach 10X #ConnectInLondon
  14. 14. Second, employee voice is the most trusted source of information – expanding employee & brand engagement 50% 37% 32% 34% 21% 32% 31% 30%30% 17% 27% 23% Engagement Integrity Products and Servies Operators Company's Employee Company's CEO Consumer Trust #ConnectInLondon
  15. 15. Elevate also enhances TA end-to-end: Socially engaged companies are 58% more likely to attract top talent and 20% more likely to retain them HIRED2 Profile views 2 Connections 1 Follower 3 Company page views 6 Job views Engaged Brand Ambassadors For every 6 shares on Elevate… #ConnectInLondon
  16. 16. HIRED 1. ELEVATE 2. REFERRALS 3. NEXT GENERATION RECRUITER We will briefly explore how affinity data and relationships shape innovations at different stages of the career journey #ConnectInLondon
  17. 17. Employee referrals are widely accepted as the best source of hire 1 Dr. John Sullivan on ERE 2 Jobvite Index 3 LinkedIn 2015 survey of 979 talent acquisition leaders # 1 Time Fastest time to fill2 #1 Quality Highest on-the-job performance1 # 1 Tenure 3x more likely to stay for 3 years2 95% of TA leaders describe referrals as an important part of their recruitment process3
  18. 18. Despite very strong business impact there is a capability gap in consistently engaging employees to refer 87% of recruiters agree that the #1 way to boost referrals is through better employee engagement 20% of recruiters are happy with how involved employees are in recruiting 87% 20% Intention Practice #ConnectInLondon
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  24. 24. 1. ELEVATE 2. REFERRALS 3. NEXT GENERATION RECRUITER We will briefly explore how affinity data and relationships shape innovations at different stages of the career journey #ConnectInLondon
  25. 25. #ConnectInLondon
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  29. 29. Build and leverage relationships. Engage the talent you want end-to-end. Create solutions that enhance each other. + = Relationships Insights Success #ConnectInLondon
  30. 30. You Talent liveson #ConnectInLondon